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Connect, engage & innovate remotely

No one can argue that the human physical presence on board a ship is of vital importance towards the establishment of an efficient and secure network.

In the challenging times we are facing and the difficulties caused by Covid-19, proactive measures are been taken worldwide in order to minimize human interaction and the necessity of people getting onboard vessels.

At our core, having the appropriate infrastructure, know-how, and dedicated technical team, we have been successfully implementing a series of our solutions remotely, so as to meet and exceed our customers’ expectations.

During this emergency, we remain close to our customers, via establishing a smart and remote approach to follow the custom design, installation, monitoring, and controlling of our hardware and software solutions.

Our smart and remote approach to our solutions implementations
consists of the following project management stages:

01. Initial online discussion with the customer so as to identify
the actual scope of work, timeframe and conditions onboard the vessel.

02. Allocation of a dedicated technical team to the specific project, planning phase and tasks assignment for interdepartmental coordination.

03. Repetitive technical discussion with the customer so as to design and implement the necessary tasks and remote configurations prior to project implementation.

04. Project status and progress tracking with daily reporting to the customer.

05. Remote testing of the solution on board the vessel by our dedicated 24/7/365 technical support team.

06. Evaluation of project completion and reporting to the customer.

07. A Service Level Agreement (SLA) so as to ensure that the best measured and predictable after-sales support service is delivered.

Stay Safe – Be Creative – Implement and Innovate