marpoint fax services

Fax service

Marpoint Introduces you with newly designed FAX SERVICE.
With Marpoint newest innovation you can now send Fax 2 Email and Mail 2 Fax documents.

marpoint fax service diagram

Fax to Email in 3 easy steps:
  • Each vessel is assigned with a unique DID number (i.e 0030211XXXXXXX) from the chosen Country (UK, Greece, Singapore etc.)
  • Sender inputs fax into fax machine & sends fax to assigned DID number
  • Marpoint servers receive FAX, transform it into email and deliver it to chosen vessel email address

Email to Fax in 3 easy steps:
  • Captain sends email to the dedicated fax service email ->(faxservice@yourcompany.xx)
  • In the email subject field, input the chosen number you wish to send the fax document
  • Simply attached the chosen document in the email template and press “send” button

Supported documents include:
  • Pdf, Doc, Docx, Jpeg, Tiff, Xlsx

Advantages include:
  • Lowers communication costs
  • Decreased time needed to send and receive fax
  • Makes Captain’s life easier
  • Fax delivery report
  • Simplifies Ship-to-Shore and Shore-to-Ship Communication
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