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FleetBroadband (FBB), VSAT, 3G/4G, Wi-Fi, Firewall, Crew Hotspot, Crew Calling and Network Solution

EVO² is a powerful,secure and affordable enterprise-grade router for controlling all business operations on a multi-person vessel network on all satellite Internet installations.

Offers operational efficiency, network control, crew hotspot & crew calling access for your FX,FBB,VSAT,3G/4G data services including BYOD functionality.

EVO² router and web-based platform, makes airtime count for the unique needs of maritime users.

Seamless installation independently of airtime providers


Suitable for Leisure Yachts & Sailboats travelling near coastlines.

The Evo2 Dual 4G Router is MarPoint’s latest innovation for high speed internet at sea with extensive coverage up to 20 miles offshore.

It is recommended for use in any type of yacht or fishing vessel especially on remote locations where high speed internet is required.

Furthermore, it can be used as a reliable data communication backup solution for commercial vessels when satellite communication is not available.


Crew Internet

Give managed internet access to your crew

Marpoint - Evo News RSS Feeded

Evo News

Your news feeder! Our newest innovation towards crew welfareness

Cyber Security

Secures your vessel’s business and crew networks

NetStats Reporting

Monitor vessel bandwidth

Web Filtering

Allow or block whole webpage categories | Protect against malicious sites

Windows Based User Interface

Graphic User Interface (GUI) on any computer running Windows


Hybrid PBX

The only solution that combines traditional and VoIP crew calling cards at unbeatable rates. This device has the unique characteristic to support both VOIP (Internet) and VOICE (Satellite) calls. At the same time it is supported by a Web based Call Detail Record (CDR) platform, which provides you the option to monitor all calls, duration status, costs and profits.

DID Numbers

DID Numbers

Marpoint provides SIP origination worldwide. We offer Local DID numbers on over 100 countries worldwide. Numbers are provisioned instantly through our web-based portal. DIDs are available in flat rate unlimited channel pricing or per minute pricing; your choice!

Crew Calling

VoIP Crew Cards for maritime companies and vessels is an alternative to the usage of the expensive crew calling cards satellite providers (FBB, VSAT) offer. In the event your vessel already possess digital call centers or PBX equipment, you can use Marpoint software to issue your own crew calling cards for crew calling with our unbeatable termination rates.


Combine and manage any available interface (Autofailover)






Iridium / Certus

3G / 4G


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