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Hybrid PBX

Complete telephony solution for vessels.

The only Hybrid PBX solution offering VoIP crew calling at unbeatable rates.

Hybrid PBX has the unique characteristic to support both VoIP (Internet) and VOICE (FBB) calls.
Any satellite terminal that supports SIP protocol can be used as an alternative to VoIP calling.

Of course, Hybrid PBX, will select the proper tariff rate for VoIP or FBB LINE calls.

A web-based platform, provides complete tariff management & monitoring for all calls, duration, costs and profits as well as pin cards creation on batches or on demand.

Super competitive calling prices

Only with VoIP you can get such unbeatable rates on-board. Additionally, Hybrid PBX’s unique features, also allow to use your provider’s business rates for Crew Calling, by creating your own calling cards, at the rates you choose.

Crew benefits with lower than traditional FBB calling card rates, while you get additional profit for every calling card used.

Call vessel with local rates

You can assign one or multiple local DID phone numbers (90+ countries) allowing calling to the vessel with local rates, regardless its location, as long as it has a few kbps of Internet connectivity

Works anywhere

Hybrid PBX’s advanced technology, allows VoIP calls even over 150 kbps. It is also fully provider independent and compatible with any WAN technology or multiple WAN setups, allowing incomparable flexibility. As a software solution, it can be delivered preinstalled on a compact mini PC, be installed on a Virtual Machine or an existing vessel server.

Countless phone device options

Virtually any VoIP device can be used allowing multiple phones onboard with different dialing rules, or even separate incoming phone numbers for each device. The flexibility doesn’t stop here as crew can use an Android/iOS app connected to Hybrid PBX through vessel’s WiFi.

Do more with your PBX

Hybrid PBX can be used as a server for additional Marpoint onboard services, like the innovative EvoNews application, which already delivers news from home for thousands of seafarers in any language.

Additionally, Hybrid PBX can be configured to act as mail server for the popular maritime email platform GTMail Plus.

Typical VoIP Network