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Solutions for leisure vessels

Buy or lease Marpoint’s custom build Evo2 Dual 3G/4G Router.

Combine with an unlimited GlobalSim or any providers data package
and enjoy coverage up to many miles of shore.

Evo2 Dual Mini router and GlobalSim Roaming Data Card is the only one solution for hight availability internet in your leisure vessel

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Suitable for Leisure Yachts & Sailboats travelling near coastlines.

The Evo2 Dual 4G Router is MarPoint’s latest innovation for high speed internet at sea with extensive coverage up to 20miles offshore.

It is recommended for use in any type of yacht or fishing vessel especially on remote locations where high speed internet is required. Furthermore, it can be used as a reliable data communication backup solution for commercial vessels when satellite communication is not available.

Seamless network integration with any AV solution

Supports any audiovisual solution like Crestron, AMX etc.

Suitable for Leisure Yachts & Sailboats travelling near coastlines.



Wifi / BYOD



Guest Internet

Give managed internet access to your guests

Windows Based User Interface

Graphic User Interface (GUI) on any computer running Windows

Web Filtering

Allow or block whole webpage categories | Protect against malicious sites

NetStats Reporting

Monitor vessel bandwidth


Long range WiFi and 3G/4G solutions ​

3G / 4G

External WiFi

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