FleetBroadband (FBB), VSAT, Wi-Fi, Firewall, Crew Hotspot, Crew Calling and Network Solution

Evo2 Dual 4G

Suitable for Leisure Yachts, Sailboats, or any type of vessel travelling near coastlines.

MultiRouter DF 3Gs/4Gs

Dual Failover. Ideal for commercial vessels, cruise ships & reefers where 3G signal is available.

MutliRouter Dual 3Gs/4Gs

Insert two sim cards of the same or different providers and enjoy a unique coverage.

MultiRouter 3G/LTE Mini

High speed internet at sea with extensive coverage up to 99%.
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Suitable for: > Commercial vessels
> Large Fishing vessel
> Cruise ships
> Commercial vessels
> Large Fishing
> Fishing vessels
> Mega yachts
> Mega yachts
> Ferry companies
> Leisure yachts
> Sailboats
Unified Management Platform
Crew Internet & Hotspot Management Optional Optional Optional
Crew Calling – VoIP/Voice Services withcrew calling cards Optional Optional
Automation Optional Optional
Web compression
Web Filtering
Netstats Reporting
Auto getaway selection
True Failover (2X hardware)
Wan Selection Windows based user Interface
Expandable 3G/LTE modules Optional Optional
Call Logging
QoS – Quality of Service
Remote Access
Bandwith Netmeter & Management
Connection with external Wi-Fi & 3G/LTE antennas
WiFi and 3G/4G Expandable Expandable
Dual 3G/LTE
Wan Failover/Load-Balancing Optional
Least-Cost Routing
Multi-Level Administration
OBM / Out of Band Management Limited
Bandwith Logging
Network Security – Firewall
Power Operating Range 12-24V 12-24V 12-24V 12-24V 12-24V
Certifications FCC, CE, RoHS FCC, CE, RoHS FCC, CE, RoHS FCC, CE, RoHS FCC, CE, RoHS
Rackmounted Dimensions 19″ 1U Rackmount – Enclosure 19″ 1U Rackmount – Enclosure 19″ 1U Rackmount – Enclosure 19″ 1U Rackmount – Enclosure
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