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MarPoint achieves ABS Class Approval for Evo2 Router and UNI virtualization solution

Athens, September 2021

MarPoint achieves Cyber Safety Class Approval from the classification society ABS for all systems covering individual components all the way through the system and network level

This was achieved upon the successful class verification of product compliance with manufacturers’ specifications, applicable ABS Rules, and national or international standards.

The ABS Class Approval (PDA) applies to the Evo2 Router and UNI Virtual Machine Manager, where MarPoint’s Cyber Security Solution is part of.

The Evo2 Router and Central Management platform, provides a massive defence in depth approach, via dual hardware failover, a fully managed enterprise-grade firewall, effective network segmentation (business/crew), web dns filtering, application filtering, software whitelisting, two factor authentication and a fully customized alerting mechanism.

UNI, our Triple Node Cluster and IT Managed Services ensure 24/7/365 remote management of the vessel’s complete IT hardware and software infrastructure and provide unique features such as:

A dedicated team of MarPoint IT professionals safeguard the 24/7/365 professional support via an automated ticketing system and with standardized response times (SLAs) per event.

In addition, MarPoint having been audited by ABS and having given a satisfactory practical demonstration of its proactive Maritime IT Managed Services, is now recognized by ABS as a “Service Supplier to provide services which ABS Surveyors may rely on to make decisions affecting classification or statutory surveys”.

What are the benefits of being Class Approved for Cyber Safety?

Being Class Approved, MarPoint Cyber Security Solution facilitates thorough vessel cybersecurity analysis, helping identify the owner’s Cyber Risk Tolerance and helps control cybersecurity vulnerabilities in the supply chain.

At the same time, MarPoint is already certified with ISO 27001:2013 for the Information Security Management System (ISMS) which demonstrates that MarPoint can be trusted of its capability to protect the confidentiality and integrity of the information processed.

The ABS Class Approval along with ISO 27001, allows MarPoint existing and potential customers to secure additional benefits, including lower overall project costs related to Cyber Security classification and certification and to comply with the IMO 2021 regulation.


MarPoint Director, Mr. Anastasis Kyrkos noted:

Cyber security is a major concern for vessels at sea today. The impact of unauthorized, and even authorized, access to ships’ systems can be catastrophic, potentially resulting in reputational, financial and environmental damage, robbery, piracy or simply malicious interference. These are all distinct risks for an unprotected vessel.

We would like to strongly thank world’s high leading Classification Society for Ships, ABS, for their cooperation throughout the certification process.

The seal of approval that this certification entails is very important for our company and our customers in the maritime industry. The ABS Class Approval Certificate is a testament to our commitment to cybersecurity and ensures that our solution continues to stay at the forefront, bringing additional value to our customers, such as avoiding disruption to their business operations”.

About ABS

American Bureau of Shipping (ABS) is one of the world’s leading marine and offshore classification societies founded in 1862.

Safety, service and solutions are the three goals that define the activities of ABS. They are the bedrock upon which we base our commitment to set standards of excellence as one of the world’s leading marine and offshore classification organizations.

We have been able to achieve those goals through the innovative thinking, enthusiasm and professionalism of our highly experienced staff.  Years of experience, training and continued education have made us confident in our actions and secure in our decisions.

About MarPoint

MarPoint Ltd is a maritime IT company that specializes in providing “out of the box” solutions for the maritime and yachting industry. Currently serving the communications and network needs of over 1,500 vessels. Our mission is to provide an all-in-one package for maritime companies and vessel owners. This includes cost control, return-on-investment and the ability to monitor an entire fleet from a captain’s point of view.

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