Solutions for mega yachts

Dual 3G/4G, VSAT, external Wi-Fi, a multiwan selection interface a custom built vessel network and Marpoint QoS knowhow are
the fundamentals for offering a unique internet experience to a mega-yachts VIP(Owners),guest and crew.

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Marpoint - Solutions for mega yachts

VSAT 3g/4g guest internet External WiFi owner / vip internet Windows Based User Interface DID Unified Control Panel NetStats Reporting Web Compression Web Filtering

Products, Services & Features

Marpoint - Multirouter Dual 3g/4g front side

Multirouter Dual 3G/4G

Insert two sim cards of the same or different providers and enjoy unique coverage many miles of shore or even in remote locations.

Marpoint - MultiRouter DF 3G / 4G front side

Multirouter DF 3G/4G

The ideal router for cruise ships, fishing vessels, reefers & Mega yachts.

crew internet

Guest Internet

Give managed internet access to your guests

crew internet

Owner / VIP Internet

Have exclusive internet access


Web Filtering

Allow or block whole webpage categorie


Web Compression

Save bandwidth and decreases page size by over 50%


NetStats Reporting

Monitor vessel bandwidth


Unified Management Platform

Used by the customer to monitor and control key vessel operations


Windows Based User Interface

Graphic User Interface (GUI) that can be installed on any computer running Windows

DID Numbers

DID Numbers

Virtual numbers that empower users to transmit calls to existing telephone line



All airtime solutions by MarPoint are designed to cater to the specific needs of fleet owners, crew and guests onboard. When combined with our MultiRouter solution any vessel from commercial ships to mega-yachts will be connected with friends, family and business while at sea.



Give managed internet access to your guests. GlobalSim Data only Roaming Card offers coverage in 64+ countries and unlimited Data packages for yachts.


External WiFi

Connect external Wi-Fi Networks on Marinas, Hotel bays or anywhere External Wi-Fi is available for yacht.
When connecting you can share the external Wi-Fi source through your internal Wi-Fi or LAN network for personal use.

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