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Robust enterprise hardware, IT managed services, easy installation & support

Unified Management Experience

Size does not matter

UNI the first cost oriented Maritime Virtual Machine Manager “VM”, offering a unified managed experience, IT managed services, unparallel reliability, easy installation (even remotely) & low shipping costs along with Marpoint’s unparallel support.

Uni along with Marpoint Managed IT services offers the efficiency to remotely self-manage and monitor your vessels infrastructure. Based on proven and mature technology offering high ROI to your company’s IT departments.

Complete managed virtualised IT services including but not limited to Managed – Satellite services, networks, infrastructure, cyber-security, disaster recovery, monitoring, remote support.

Additional customizations and automations can be provided by Marpoint solutions architects. Classic features like startstop, manage resources are only some of the features. 

“BYOH” Bring your own hardware option – combine existing or 3rd party hardware


Utilization of combined hardware processors, RAM and SSD storage

Cost Oriented

Main & Back-up server at a fraction of competition cost

Easy Management

Easy to use UI or console via session shell

Automatic Replication

Cluster with virtual machine replication. True failover

your vessel today

Uni VM Vessel Diagram

Features & Services

Hot-swap cluster & true failover

Remote Administration and monitoring

(Start, Stop, create, modify etc.)

Ultra fast incremental snapshot back-up & file recovery

Automated storage replication

No need for expensive SAN storage for the cluster

Unique Marpoint Automation tools

Fine tuning & fanatical support

Central management

Marpoint control panel integration

FleetBroadband (FBB), VSAT, 3G/4G, Firewall, Wi-Fi, Crew Hotspot, Crew Calling and Network Solution

The web interface used by the customer to monitor and control key vessel operations.