Bridging the Digital Divide at Sea: Marpoint’s Crew Internet Solution

MarPoint Crew Internet Services

Whether you’re navigating the vast oceans or traversing inland waterways, our reliable internet access empowers you to stay connected and informed, even while miles away from land. Our comprehensive solutions are tailored to meet the unique needs of commercial vessels, including cargo ships, tankers, bulk carriers, cruise ships, containerships, and fishing vessels.

Prioritizing seamless connectivity is our commitment. We facilitate uninterrupted ship-to-shore and shore-to-ship communication, guaranteeing essential connectivity and remote support.
Count on our cutting-edge routers for a constantly operational IT infrastructure, irrespective of your airtime provider. Our 24/7/365 dedicated remote support team promptly resolves issues for uninterrupted connectivity, ensuring your peace of mind.

The Best Solutions for Maritime Excellence

Marpoint offers a range of cutting-edge IT solutions tailored to your vessel’s specific needs, including:

  • VSAT (Ku or Ka band).
  • FBB (Fleet Broadband).
  • Fleet Xpress.
  • LEO Satellites and Starlink.

Empowering Ship Managers and Crews with Superior Internet Solutions

MarPoint stands out in the maritime industry by offering a comprehensive suite of internet management solutions that cater to the specific needs of both ship managers and crews. Our user-friendly interface, granular internet utilization management, and advanced content filtering capabilities ensure a smooth and secure online experience for all stakeholders.

Benefits for Ship Managers:

  • Streamlined Management: Seamlessly manage internet usage across your fleet with our intuitive interface.
  • Quality of Service (QoS) Control: Prioritize internet access for critical applications and restrict bandwidth-intensive activities.
  • Cloud and Local Content Filtering: Enforce company policies and filter out inappropriate content for enhanced security and productivity.
  • Scalable Escalation Policies: Set personalized escalation policies for user categories and WAN interfaces, such as FBB or VSAT, to optimize network usage.
  • Real-Time Data Visualization: Gain real-time insights into consumed data, user activity, and internet usage patterns.

Benefits for Crew:

  • Unparalleled Value: Enjoy competitive pricing and superior value compared to other internet packages.
  • Prioritized QoS: Experience uninterrupted internet access with QoS for all internet cards.
  • Flexible Card Management: Create and manage pin-based or user-based internet cards onshore or directly from the vessel.
  • Customizable Internet Web Page: View your remaining balance, session log, and other relevant information via a customized HTML Internet web page.
MarPoint Control Panel

Crew Internet and Hotspots Cards Management System

MarPoint’s user-friendly Management System Crew Internet / Hotspots Cards User Interface seamlessly streamlines internet management for ship managers and crew members. This intuitive interface provides a centralized platform to effectively manage internet access across your fleet.

Scenario 1. User-Based Hotspot Cards.

User Creation and Profile Management:

  • Import Crew List: Import your company’s crew list directly from an Excel template, saving time and effort.
  • Individual User Addition: Manually add individual users to the system, ensuring comprehensive coverage of your crew.
  • Vessel or Fleet Assignment: Assign users to specific vessels or the entire fleet, catering to your organizational structure.
  • Flexible Package Selection: Create user profiles with customized options, such as Package 1’s monthly auto-renewal of MB or Package 2’s transfer of the remaining MB to the next month’s package.

Data Limits and Carryover Options:

  • Expiration Date: Set expiration dates for user cards to ensure efficient internet usage management.
  • Total Traffic: Establish total traffic limits to control overall internet consumption.
  • Total Quota: Define daily or hourly quotas for MB usage, ensuring fair and balanced internet access among crew members.
  • MB Carryover Option: Enable the carryover of unused MB to the next month, allowing crew members to maximize their internet usage.

User Self-Service and Top-Up Management:

  • Custom Local Website: Provide crew members with access to a custom local website, “i.e. hotspot.local,” to check their card status and renew their cards.
  • Top-Up Package Selection: Empower users to choose from various Top-Up packages of MB according to company policies.
  • Real-Time Usage Monitoring and Analytics: User-Friendly Web Control Panel: Access a comprehensive web control panel dashboard for IT administrators to monitor and manage user profiles and Top-Up statistics.
  • Excel Format Reports: Generate detailed reports in Excel format, providing real-time insights into download and upload data.
  • Granular Renewal Card History: Analyze renewal card history by date, vessel, profile, username, or Top-Up package, ensuring transparency and accountability.
  • Analytical User-Level Monitoring: Review individual user usage patterns and Top-Up history through the web control panel, enabling proactive management of internet consumption.

Additional Crew Member Features:

  • Top-Up Package Request: Allow crew members to request new Top-Up packages directly through the local website.
  • Usage History Search: Facilitate usage history searches via the local website “,” empowering crew members to track their internet consumption.
Top Up Statistics
Unified Hotspot Cards Top-Up Statistics
Unified Hotspot Cards Pin Based Statistics
Unified Hotspot Cards Pin Based Statistics

Scenario 2. Pin-Based Hotspot Cards.

User-Friendly Card Distribution:

  • Crew Members Request Cards: Crew members request specific hotspot card packages from the captain of each vessel.
  • Captain Handles Card Sales: The captain is responsible for selling the cards at competitive prices and collecting payment from crew members.
  • Card Cost Reporting: The captain records the card sales and reports the revenue to the vessels’ MGA account.

Card Activation and Management:

  • Card Activation: Once purchased, the PIN-based cards are activated and granted 30 days of validity.
  • Card Overview on Web Dashboard: The web control panel dashboard displays an overview of card status, including batch series, PIN, password, status, and expiration date.
  • Real-Time Hotspot Traffic Visualization: A graphical chart on the dashboard depicts the overall hotspot traffic for any given timeframe.
Unified Hotspot CardsPin Based Statistics
Unified Hotspot CardsPin Based Statistics
Unified Hotspot Cards Mass Create
Unified Hotspot Cards Mass Create

Scenario 3. Pin-Based Hotspot Cards Through Application using API.

Customizable API Integration:

  • API Provided: Marpoint provides an Application Programming Interface (API) to integrate with the customer’s CRM system.
  • Auto-Card Creation and Billing: The API enables automatic creation and billing of crew internet cards directly from the CRM.
  • Customizable GUI: The customer has the flexibility to customize the Graphical User Interface (GUI) to match their CRM’s branding standards.

Secure and Efficient Card Management:

  • API-Based Card Creation: The API handles card creation, ensuring secure and efficient management of PIN-based hotspot cards.
  • Modular API Design: The API is designed with a modular structure, allowing for customization and integration with various CRM systems.
  • Adaptable to Diverse CRMs: The API is compatible with a wide range of CRM platforms, ensuring seamless integration.
Unified Hotspot Cards Active Rates
Unified Hotspot Cards Active Rates
Calling Cards CDR
Calling Cards CDR

Partner with MarPoint for Unparalleled IT Solutions

MarPoint is your trusted partner in providing customized IT solutions that align with your maritime operations and crew needs. We prioritize your success, ensuring your vessels are always connected and supported, enabling seamless operations and optimal crew well-being.

Contact us today to discuss your specific IT requirements and explore how our solutions can transform your maritime operations.

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