Uni VM

Vessel Virtualization Server Solution

Active-Active High Availability Cluster with unrivaled computing power and performance.

UNI Virtualization Solution excels in customization for vessel IT needs, leveraging existing equipment efficiently while incorporating high-end specifications to establish a comprehensive office infrastructure at sea, enhancing operational efficiency seamlessly.

Go Digital - Go Secure - Pay Less

Marpoint Boost your internet

Boost Performance

Run key software (PMS, spares, E-Navigation) faster with the right hardware.


Enhanced Security

Protect critical data from cyber threats, failures, and disasters.

user access

Secure Access Control

Grant users appropriate access based on role. Standardize remote access.


Shield Your Fleet

Defend your fleet against viruses and cyber incidents.


Cybersecurity Compliance

Meet IMO 2021 and IACS URs E26 & E27 regulations.

Marpoint crew welfare

Peace of Mind for Crew

Reduce IT concerns for ship officers.

Reduced IT Costs

Minimize yearly IT department expenses.

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Invest in vessel IT Infrastructure

UNI Virtualization Solution offers unparalleled customization options that can adapt to any IT infrastructure on board and is configured according to the client’s specific requirements. This solution can even utilize existing vessel equipment and be built with high-end specs to support a complete office infrastructure.

With the Evo2 Router, you can achieve the most advanced multi-WAN network management on a vessel, regardless of your airtime provider. The Evo2 Router is designed to deliver seamless internet connectivity, even during service outages, thanks to its true failover capability and support for multiple satellite bands, including Inmarsat L-Band, VSAT C, Ku, and Ka bands, as well as LEO orbit satellites like Iridium, Starlink, and OneWeb.

Unleash superior performance for your IT needs:

  • Powerhouse CPU: Exceeds our i7 NUC solution for smoother multitasking and faster VMs.
  • Rock-solid reliability: ECC memory guards against data errors, keeping your system stable.
  • Effortless maintenance: Extendable rails allow for quick troubleshooting, upgrades, and replacements.
  • Cool, calm, collected: Server-grade water cooling ensures optimal performance and extends lifespan.
  • Remote command center: IPMI on the server-grade motherboard grants full remote access for BIOS control, power cycling, monitoring sensors (temps, voltages), and more – minimizing crew intervention.
  • Scalable for growth: Easily upgrade RAM and CPU to meet the growing demands of new applications.
MarPoint Uni Virtualization Server Solution

Virtualize and Comply

The power to remotely self-manage and monitor your vessel’s infrastructure.

triple node cluster

Triple Node Cluster


Automatic Replication

thin client

Low Cost Linux Thin Clients

custom hardware

Hardware Customization


Desktop virtualization and active directory


ABS Class Approved


IMO 2021 compliant

Remote desktop services

Remote desktop services

Off-cluster VM backups

Off-cluster VM backups

Incremental Snapshotting and file recovery

Incremental Snapshotting and file recovery

Peripheral monitoring and alerting

Peripheral monitoring and alerting

IT Managed Services

IT Managed Services

Administration & Management Portal

Designed to meet the most needed and must-have requirements of IT managers, our new control panel page brings unprecedented visibility into the performance, consumption, and status details of Starlink connections on vessels.

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