Navarone S.A. Sails Smoothly with Marpoint’s Comprehensive IT Management

Navarone S.A. is a leading Greek shipping company committed to operational excellence and crew well-being. They operate a modern fleet of Panamax, Handymax/Supramax & Handysize vessels, and prioritize innovative solutions to navigate the evolving maritime landscape.

Navarone S.A., a leading shipping company, prioritizes operational efficiency and crew well-being. However, managing onboard IT infrastructure can be a complex challenge, especially in the face of evolving cyber threats. To address these concerns, Navarone partnered with Marpoint for a comprehensive suite of Managed IT Services


The Navarone S.A. IT team faced a number of challenges in ensuring smooth and secure shipboard operations:

  • Maintaining Operational Efficiency: Optimizing bandwidth usage and ensuring network control were crucial for critical ship functions.
  • Securing Onboard Networks: Mitigating cyber threats and protecting sensitive data required a robust security solution.
  • Supporting Crew Connectivity: Providing reliable internet access for crew communication and entertainment was a priority.
  • Streamlining IT Management: Centralized management and remote support were essential for efficient IT operations.

By implementing Marpoint's UNI and IT Managed Services across our fleet, critical applications like Planned Maintenance Systems, email, and file servers are now hosted in a virtual environment, ensuring continuous availability even in case of hardware failure. Additionally, we benefit from real-time monitoring of critical devices, network traffic, and data across both IT and OT systems. Marpoint also handles software patching, keeping our vessels compliant with the latest IMO Cyber Risk Management regulations.

Konstantinos Sakellakos
IT Manager

Marpoint's Managed IT Services & Governor Suite: A Powerful Solution

Marpoint’s Managed IT Services, coupled with the Governor cyber risk management suite, empowered Navarone to overcome these challenges through a comprehensive solution:

  • Network Optimization & Control:
    • Evo2 Router and Platform: Optimizes bandwidth, enhances operational efficiency, and offers network control.
    • VPN Access: Provides secure remote access for authorized personnel.
    • Crew Hotspot & Calling: Enables reliable BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) functionality for crew communication via smartphones, tablets, and laptops using satellite data services.
  • Advanced Security Measures:
    • Web DNS Filtering: Blocks access to malicious and inappropriate websites through comprehensive filtering categories.
    • Application Filtering: Enforces application usage policies through granular control.
    • Intrusion Detection System (IDS): Continuously monitors network traffic to identify and thwart cyber threats in real-time.
    • Anti-Virus Integration: Provides comprehensive antivirus protection with centralized management and real-time monitoring.
    • Automatic Software Patching: Ensures timely patching of vulnerabilities to address security risks.
  • Enhanced IT Infrastructure Management:
    • Uni Virtual Machine Manager: Offers a secure and reliable platform for hosting critical vessel applications with redundancy for uninterrupted operations.
    • Network Asset Monitoring: Proactively identifies and addresses potential issues with network equipment and performance.
    • Automated Alerts: Provides timely notifications of IT-related issues for prompt resolution.
    • Private Cloud VM with Central Management Backup Platform: Ensures secure and centralized backup of essential data.
    • Desktop Virtualization: Leverages Linux Thin clients for secure and efficient desktop access, reducing endpoint management complexity.
    • NAS Storage: Provides additional data backup capabilities for critical applications and software.
  • Dedicated Support:
    • 24/7 IT Support: Guarantees prompt resolution of IT issues, minimizing downtime.
    • Remote & On-site Support: Offers both remote and on-site technical assistance as needed.
    • Global Backup Solution: Marpoint 4G Router with a Global SIM provides reliable near-shore connection for backup communications in case of satellite network issues.

Benefits for Navarone S.A.

By implementing Marpoint’s Managed IT Services and Governor suite, Navarone S.A. has achieved significant improvements:

  • Enhanced Operational Efficiency: Optimized network performance and reliable IT infrastructure support smooth day-to-day operations.
  • Robust Cybersecurity: Advanced security systems safeguard the company’s data and networks from cyber threats, ensuring regulatory compliance.
  • Improved Crew Connectivity: Reliable internet access promotes crew well-being and morale.
  • Streamlined IT Management: Centralized management and dedicated support minimize IT burdens for the internal team.

Navarone S.A.’s successful implementation of Marpoint’s solutions demonstrates the value of a comprehensive managed IT approach for maritime companies. By prioritizing network security, operational efficiency, and crew well-being, Navarone is well-positioned to navigate the ever-changing maritime landscape with confidence.

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