Golden Union Advances Towards IT Transformation with Marpoint’s UNI and MITS Global

Golden Union Shipping

Golden Union Shipping Co. S.A., a leading name in the maritime industry, knows the importance of smooth sailing – both on the open seas and within their IT infrastructure.

In today’s maritime industry, balancing IT modernization with uninterrupted operations across a global fleet is a constant challenge. Golden Union Shipping faced this exact situation when they decided to upgrade the IT infrastructure on their 50 vessels. Their priorities were clear: centralized IT asset monitoring, enhanced cybersecurity, adaptable solutions, and seamless implementation. This case study explores how Golden Union partnered with Marpoint to achieve these goals, leveraging both Marpoint’s UNI server virtualization solution and M.IT.S Global service to navigate their successful IT transformation journey.

The challenge

Golden Union Shipping, known for their innovative approach, wasn’t interested in a one-size-fits-all solution. Their existing IT infrastructure lacked the flexibility they craved. A “black box” server system wouldn’t allow them to adapt to their specific needs and facilitate daily tasks efficiently. The geographically dispersed nature of their 50-vessel fleet presented an additional hurdle. They needed a swift and smooth rollout that wouldn’t disrupt the diverse schedules of their ships.

MarPoint's solution provided us with the opportunity to centralize the management of our IT assets onboard. In UNI we found an appropriate 'host' for our ICT infrastructure where we can distribute projects across the cluster nodes in whatever configuration you prefer. The process of software rollback recovery in case of failure is now part of our strategic disaster recovery plan designed for the organization's data recovery needs. The above along with MarPoint's central monitoring-alerting system contributes to the readiness and continuity of all services, ensuring that the ship's commercial operations can be served in any case.

Nikos Menegatos
IT Manager - Golden Union Shipping

The solution

Golden Union set sail for a more efficient future by partnering with Marpoint. The answer to their challenges came in the form of UNI, a powerful and secure vessel virtualization server solution designed specifically for the maritime industry.

  • Centralized Command: UNI established a central bridge, providing Golden Union with a comprehensive platform to monitor and manage IT assets across their entire fleet, no matter the location.
  • Unmatched Performance: Active-Active High Availability Clusters functioned as the ship’s reliable engine, ensuring unrivaled computing power and keeping critical applications running smoothly, even in rough seas.
  • Seamless Integration: Unlike a rigid “black box,” UNI offered exceptional adaptability. Existing equipment could be seamlessly integrated, while high-end specifications could be incorporated to create a robust office infrastructure at sea, ultimately enhancing operational efficiency.

Benefits of MarPoint's Server Virtualization Onboard Golden Union's Fleet

Golden Union’s vision for a streamlined IT infrastructure became a reality with the implementation of Marpoint’s UNI solution and MITS Global service. The results were clear:

  • Enhanced Reliability and Availability: UNI’s robust architecture functioned as a life raft, minimizing downtime and safeguarding business continuity. Critical applications stayed afloat, ensuring smooth sailing.
  • Reduced Costs: Efficient server utilization and power consumption, facilitated by UNI, translated to significant financial savings. This newfound efficiency fueled Golden Union’s growth.
  • Streamlined Operations: Resource utilization across physical servers and power was optimized by UNI, minimizing the overall operational footprint. Standardized infrastructure, a hallmark of UNI, simplified maintenance procedures and reduced complexity, streamlining IT management across the entire fleet.
  • Flexibility and Scalability: UNI empowered Golden Union to create virtual machines with custom specifications, ensuring they had the right tools for the job. Additionally, upgradable cluster nodes ensured the system could adapt to ever-evolving IT demands, preparing Golden Union for uncharted technological waters.
  • Regulatory Compliance: UNI’s built-in asset management features and auto-patching mechanism functioned as a built-in navigation system, ensuring compliance with IMO and IACS requirements for cybersecurity. This kept Golden Union safe from cyber threats and on the right course.

Global Implementation

The global nature of Golden Union’s 50-vessel fleet presented a significant logistical hurdle for the IT upgrade. However, MITS Global service, with its extensive network of highly skilled engineers spanning over 60 countries and 150 ports, provided the global reach needed for a smooth implementation.

Their exceptional service shone through, with on-board IT support provided for 22 vessels across 9 different countries and 19 ports in just 8 months. This impressive feat exemplifies M.IT.S Global’s commitment to efficient implementation and minimizing disruption to Golden Union’s ongoing operations.

The Outcome: A Secure and Scalable Future

Through this remarkable project, Golden Union successfully upgraded their entire fleet with a centralized and secure IT infrastructure within a year. This collaboration between Golden Union and Marpoint demonstrates the transformative potential of:

  • The Right Technology: Selecting a solution like UNI Virtual Machine Manager that aligns with your specific needs for flexibility, performance, and security.
  • Global Expertise: Partnering with a service provider with a global reach like MITS Global ensures smooth implementation and ongoing support, even for geographically dispersed fleets.

More Than Technology

The collaboration between MarPoint and Golden Union epitomized the power of expertise and teamwork. MarPoint’s skilled personnel, armed with experience and proven methodologies, played a pivotal role in aligning the project with Golden Union’s goals. A synchronized effort across departments ensured challenges were swiftly overcome. Communication channels remained open, fostering a collaborative environment where ideas flowed freely and solutions were devised collectively. This synergy between MarPoint and Golden Union exemplified the essence of successful partnership—a harmonious blend of technical proficiency, strategic alignment, and unwavering commitment to excellence.

Golden Union's success highlights several key takeaways for maritime organizations embarking on similar IT modernization journeys:

  • Centralized Management is Key: A centralized platform like UNI streamlines IT asset management, simplifies troubleshooting, and empowers proactive decision-making.
  • Seamless Integration is Essential: Solutions that adapt to existing infrastructure and accommodate future growth ensure a smooth transition and minimize disruption.
  • Global Reach Matters: Partnering with service providers with an extensive global presence guarantees efficient implementation and ongoing support, regardless of location.
  • Collaboration is Paramount: Open communication, teamwork, and a shared vision are crucial for overcoming challenges and achieving successful outcomes.

Charting a Course for Success

By embracing innovation and fostering a collaborative spirit, Golden Union has charted a course for a secure, scalable, and successful future. Their story serves as an inspiration for maritime IT leaders seeking to navigate the ever-evolving landscape of shipboard technology. Golden Union’s successful IT transformation journey proves that with the right approach and technology partners, even complex upgrades across a global fleet can be achieved efficiently and without compromising operations.

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