Outdoor 5G Router

Take advantage of 5G communications technology

For vessels operating in coastal and near-shore regions, the advent of 5G technology presents a compelling alternative. With coverage extending up to 20 miles offshore and bandwidth comparable to Starlink, 5G offers unprecedented connectivity possibilities.

Its high-speed data transmission capabilities enable seamless communication and data exchange, facilitating efficient operations and enhancing onboard productivity. Additionally, the reliability and low latency of 5G networks ensure stable connections, crucial for real-time monitoring and decision-making in maritime environments.

5G: A Game-Changer for Coastal Connectivity

Marpoint 5g LTE

5G-LTE Modem

3G, 4G, 5G with extensive coverage more than 20 miles offshore

Integrated powerful MIMO 3G/4G/5G Antenna 

MIMO antenna

Integrated powerful MIMO 3G/4G/5G Antenna 

Heavy Duty, Waterproof Outdoor Design

IP68 Heavy duty

Heavy Duty, Waterproof Outdoor Design

Easy installation

On vessel’s monkey island

User friendly web management platform

Web management

User friendly web management platform

Managing Multi-WAN Network on a Vessel

Our innovative outdoor IP68 waterproof 4G/5G Router will boost your vessel’s near shore connectivity, with an external heavy duty casing and a built-in powerful 4G/5G antenna.

Supports 3G, 4G mobile networks, with extensive coverage up to 20 miles offshore. Compared to other solutions, our all-in-one system revolutionizes your vessel’s LTE connectivity by minimizing signal loss. Powered by Power over Ethernet (POE) and connected to your vessel’s network via a marine-grade UTP cable, it provides a reliable and convenient solution. Remote inspections and live video sharing from ship to shore are now easier to manage than ever before! Furthermore, it can be used as a reliable data WAN communication backup solution when satellite communication is not available.

How it works

Distinctive Features

Skip technician visits with optional pole-mount for crew installation. Pre-configured for “plug and play” on the monkey island. Manage everything remotely via our web portal: monitor vessel status, data usage (live & by country), and bandwidth consumption.

Built-in powerful MIMO 4G/5G antenna

Built-in powerful MIMO 3G/4G/5G antenna for increased bandwidth and global coverage. Supports 3G and 4G networks, offering extensive coverage exceeding 20 miles offshore.

Heavy Duty IP68 Waterproof Outdoor Design

Built for the deep sea, the outdoor router's high-strength plastics conquer harsh weather. Lightweight yet powerful, it ensures reliable connectivity.

Easy Installation

Pole-mount option simplifies installation. Preconfigured for "plug and play," crew can handle it on the monkey island.

Management Platform

Remote web portal monitors vessel status, data usage (live & per country), and bandwidth consumption.

Global Sim for Worldwide Near Shore Connectivity

Take advantage of our Global SIM with coverage in more than 100 countries and enjoy real-time data and information exchange as well as video-streaming applications

Why depend on commercial maritime VSAT while you are close to shore when you can provide your vessels with an office-like experience with 4G / 5G technology! Customize your Global SIM Pool Package today and share your GB data plan across your fleet’s SIM cards, with rates as low as 10€/GB! 

Marpoint Global Sim for Worldwide Near Shore Connectivity

Offers coverage in 100+ countries throughout Europe, USA, Caribbean, selected Asian & Oceania and Unlimited Data packages for maritime.

  • No contract
  • Sim card data sharing (SCAP)
  • Data over usage avoidance policy
  • Data Pool or Scap is possible on 10GB increments
  • Custom countries lists
  • Custom bandwith

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