Evo2 Router

Multi-WAN Network Management

The Evo2 Router is the ultimate multi-WAN network management solution, designed to deliver seamless and reliable internet connectivity for commercial and leisure vessels, regardless of your airtime provider.

The Evo2 Router seamlessly integrates and manages all your onboard communication channels, including 5G/LTE, VSAT, Starlink, Wi-Fi, and Ethernet. Take complete control of your connectivity with granular data and application-specific rules. Design versatile hybrid network configurations and experience a significant performance boost with our user-friendly advanced network bonding technology. All this is managed through secure, mobile-friendly cloud applications and compact belowdeck hubs, ensuring ease of use and minimal space requirements.

Unify and Empower Your Vessel's Network


Enterprise-grade firewall

Effective network segmentation business/crew

Effective network segmentation business / crew

DNS & Application Filtering

DNS & Application Filtering

Hardware & Network Infrastructure

Multi-Wan with Auto-Gateway selection & Load Balancing

Hotspot Management & VoIP/ Voice Services

Marpoint Maritime Sensors

Sensors Data Collection and reporting

User friendly web management platform

Self Managed Platform with fully administrative rights


Cyber Security compliant

The Power to Stay Connected, Anywhere at Sea

The Evo2 Router supports multiple satellite bands, including Inmarsat L-Band, VSAT C, Ku, Ka bands, and even LEO orbit satellites like Iridium, Starlink, OneWeb, and other providers.

Evo2 Router provides advanced network management capabilities that enable you to create and manage rules with ease, helping you optimize your network usage and improve your business operations. Additionally, rules can be put in place for managing access to the network. For instance, you can configure access policies that restrict network access based on user roles, device types etc. This can help prevent unauthorized access and improve network security.

Evo2 Router - The advantages for managing a multi-WAN network on a vessel:

  • Advanced load balancing:
    The Evo2 Router can intelligently distribute traffic across multiple connections, ensuring that all available bandwidth is used optimally. This can help to improve performance and reduce latency.
  • True failover:
    The Evo2 Router can automatically switch to a backup connection in the event of a primary connection failure. This ensures uninterrupted connectivity, even in the event of a service outage.
  • Comprehensive quality of service (QoS) management:
    The Evo2 Router allows you to prioritize critical applications and data streams to ensure they receive the necessary bandwidth, even during peak network usage. This can help to improve the performance of critical systems and applications, such as navigation and communication systems.
  • ABS class approved for cybersecurity:
    The Evo2 Router in addition to its advanced features is also approved by the American Bureau of Shipping (ABS) with a Product Design Assessment (PDA). This approval ensures that the router meets stringent quality and safety standards, making it a trusted and reliable choice for businesses that require a high level of connectivity and network performance.

Administration & Management Portal

Designed to meet the most needed and must-have requirements of IT managers, our new control panel page brings unprecedented visibility into the performance, consumption, and status details of Starlink connections on vessels.

Key highlights of our new control panel feature include:

  • Comprehensive Starlink Performance Metrics:
    Gain a comprehensive overview of crucial performance metrics such as throughput, latency, and packet loss.
  • In-Depth Starlink Consumption Analysis:
    Dive into consumption patterns to understand how data is utilized across your vessel’s network.
  • Real-Time Starlink Obstruction Monitoring:
    Stay ahead of potential obstructions that may impact Starlink connectivity.
  • Starlink Status Updates and Alerts:
    Stay informed about the current status of your vessel’s Starlink connection.
  • Plotter WAN Status Monitor:
    With the growing adoption of advanced technologies like Starlink and 5G, maintaining reliable connectivity requires vigilance beyond your primary WAN. Monitoring secondary WANs like VSAT, FBB, or Iridium is more critical than ever. Being aware of their performance ensures operational continuity.
  • Plotter provides a centralized view of all your WANs, allowing you to:
  • Receive alerts on issues with secondary and tertiary WANs, even if your primary is functioning.
    Proactively address potential connectivity disruptions before they impact your operations.
Marpoint control panel starlink traffic
Marpoint control panel starlink consumption
Marpoint control panel starlink

Automated Asset Inventory discovery and documentation process.

MarPoint’s Asset Inventory Management platform provides a centralized view of the network and helps IT teams to monitor, track, and control the inventory of their assets while complying with IMO 2021 and IACS URs E26 & E27.

When Evo2 Router is installed, the router automatically discovers all the assets on the vessel’s network, imports and documents them in the network asset management platform. This automated process eliminates the need for IT managers to manually record each asset, saving them a significant amount of time and effort.

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