Multiwan Network Management

Βased on proven and mature technology with over 2500 installations

Why choose the Evo2 Router

Evo2 Router – the ultimate multi-WAN network management solution designed to deliver seamless internet connectivity, independent of airtime provider. Our router provides true failover capability, which ensures uninterrupted connectivity even in the event of a service outage. 

Independent of Airtime providers

The Evo2 Router supports multiple satellite bands, including Inmarsat L-Band, VSAT C, Ku, Ka bands, and even LEO orbit satellites like Iridium, Starlink, OneWeb, and other providers.

Multi-WAN Network Management

Evo2 Router provides advanced network management capabilities that enable you to create and manage rules with ease, helping you optimize your network usage and improve your business operations.

Additionally, rules can be put in place for managing access to the network. For instance, you can configure access policies that restrict network access based on user roles, device types etc. This can help prevent unauthorized access and improve network security.

True failover

Evo2 Router is designed to provide reliable and uninterrupted internet connectivity, even in the event of a primary connection failure. To achieve true failover, the Evo2 Router is equipped with redundant hardware components, including power supplies, processors, and network interface cards. This redundancy ensures that there is always a backup component that can take over in the event of a hardware failure.

ABS class approved for cybersecurity

The Evo2 Router in addition to its advanced features is also approved by the American Bureau of Shipping (ABS) with a Product Design Assessment (PDA). This approval ensures that the router meets stringent quality and safety standards, making it a trusted and reliable choice for businesses that require a high level of connectivity and network performance.

Evo2 Router is an enterprise-grade router designed with cybersecurity in mind. With the increasing number of cyber-attacks and threats, it is essential for businesses to have a robust and secure network infrastructure that can protect against cyber threats.

Control panel & reporting

The Evo2 Router comes with an easy-to-use control panel that enables direct administration, making it easier to monitor and manage the vessel’s network infrastructure, network performance, bandwidth usage, data consumption, and speed, getting the best possible performance from the vessel’s internet connections.

The router’s detailed logging and alerting system also enables businesses to track network usage and detect any unusual activity, providing an added layer of security.

Integration with Network Asset Management platform

Automated network asset discovery and documentation process.

MarPoint’s Network Asset Management platform provides a centralized view of the network and helps IT teams to monitor, track, and control the inventory of their assets while complying with IMO 2021 and IACS URs E26 & E27.

When Evo2 Router is installed, the router automatically discovers all the assets on the vessel’s network, imports and documents them in the network asset management platform. This automated process eliminates the need for IT managers to manually record each asset, saving them a significant amount of time and effort.

All the features in one router

Enterprise-grade firewall

Effective network segmentation

DNS & Application Filtering

MultiWan with Auto-Gateway
selection & Load Balancing

Hotspot Management
& VoIP/ Voice Services

Sensors Data Collection
and reporting

Self Managed Platform
with fully administrative rights

Cyber Security compliant

Technical information

EVO² – Enterprise WAN Router


Available accessories

  • Outdoor 4G/5G router
  • WiFi access points

Technical specification

  • 85 – 264 VAC
  • 47 – 63Hz
  • 0.95A/115VAC
  • 0.56A/230VAC

Hardware dimensions

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