Laskaridis Maritime Achieves Unprecedented Connectivity with Starlink and Evo2 Router

Laskaridis Maritime and Marpoint have entered into an agreement for the complete IT support of the Newbuilding vessels in terms of Network Management, IT Infrastructure monitoring and proactive IT Managed Services.

Laskaridis Maritime, a trailblazer in the industry, sets its sights on unparalleled Crew Welfare, improved reliability, and expanded coverage by adopting Starlink Maritime. This strategic decision not only unlocks new possibilities and drives digital transformation but also minimizes network security concerns through their proficiency in Multi-Wan Management with MarPoint’s Evo2 Router.

With Evo2 Router’s support for multiple satellite bands, including Inmarsat L-Band, VSAT C, Ku, Ka bands, and even LEO orbit satellites like Iridium, Starlink, OneWeb, and more, Laskaridis Maritime

gains a competitive edge in advanced network management. The Evo2 Router empowers them to create and manage rules effortlessly, optimizing their network usage and enhancing their overall business operations. Evo2 router is Class Approved for Cyber Safety by the American Bureau of Shipping (ABS), assuring Laskaridis Maritime of its stringent quality and safety standards.

With Starlink and Evo2 Router in their arsenal, Laskaridis Maritime confidently and securely maximizes the benefits of advanced maritime connectivity.

As the company invests in Crew Welfare, it extends these advantages to its most valuable asset onboard, its seafarers. By prioritizing the well-being and productivity of their crew members, Laskaridis Maritime ensures that its seafarers can enjoy seamless connectivity, access to crucial services like EvoNews, entertainment solutions, and stay connected with their loved ones while at sea. This commitment to enhancing Crew Welfare not only elevates the overall onboard experience but also fosters a safe, happy, and motivated workforce.

Additionally, Laskaridis Maritime benefits from MarPoint’s indispensable Administration and Management Platform, provided with enhanced insights on performance, consumption, and status details of connections on vessels, regardless of airtime or reseller provider. Leveraging the advanced capabilities of the Evo2 Router, the platform provides comprehensive Starlink performance metrics, offering an overview of essential indicators like throughput, latency, and packet loss.

Furthermore, the platform enables in-depth Starlink consumption analysis, allowing ICT personnel to analyze data utilization across the vessel’s network. With real-time Starlink obstruction monitoring, Laskaridis Maritime can proactively address potential issues that may impact connectivity. Moreover, the platform ensures continuous status updates and alerts, keeping all stakeholders informed about the vessel’s Starlink system connection status.

Armed with Starlink, Evo2 Router, 5G roaming service, Cydome and MarPoint’s Administration and Management Platform, Laskaridis Maritime drives forward with a vastly improved uptime connectivity, fortified security, unparallel Crew Welfare, enhanced operational insights and improved resolution times to any IT/OT issue arisen onboard.

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