Crew Internet

Give your crew a better life on board

MarPoint’s Crew Internet Suite is the ultimate solution for IT managers and fleet administrators. It ensures uninterrupted internet access for crew members, streamlining life in the maritime industry.

MarPoint offers its services to more than 4,000 vessels of all types, including cargo vessels, tankers, bulk carriers, cruise ships, containerships, and fishing vessels.

Connecting Seafarers to the World

Internet access bridges this gap, keeping them connected to their families and friends. It also opens doors to entertainment and education. Seafarers can enjoy movies, music, books, and online courses, staying engaged and mentally stimulated during long voyages.

Moreover, internet access enhances safety at sea. Seafarers can stay updated on weather, maritime notices, and crucial information. With internet access, seafarers stay connected, informed, and safe.

Why Choose MarPoint's Crew Internet Suite

Versatile Account Management

Ship managers have the flexibility to choose between PIN-based or user-based accounts, depending on their specific needs. This versatility allows for efficient customization of internet access for both crew and guests.

User-Based Accounts with Top-Up Capability

User-based accounts come with the added advantage of top-up capability, enabling ship managers to easily control and allocate internet resources to crew as needed. This ensures efficient utilization of internet services while maintaining cost control.

On-Board PIN-Based Hotspot Cards Creation

The ability to create PIN-based hotspot cards directly from the Control Center App simplifies the provisioning process. This feature ensures that ship masters can quickly respond to changing demands and provide internet access to crew seamlessly.

PINs with MB or Hourly Consumption

Ship managers can tailor internet access by offering PINs with specific data or hourly consumption limits, aligning internet usage with budget constraints and crew requirements.

Quality of Service (QoS) Control

Ship managers can enforce QoS either on a per-user basis or per network, ensuring that critical applications receive the necessary bandwidth for optimal performance. This level of control guarantees a smooth internet experience for all users.

Web and Content Filtering

The ship management system offers both cloud and local web and content filtering capabilities. Ship managers can implement content restrictions to ensure compliance with regulations and maintain a safe and secure online environment.


Escalation Policies

Ship managers can define escalation policies based on user categories and WAN interfaces. This proactive approach helps address connectivity issues promptly and ensures uninterrupted internet access.

Live Data Monitoring

Ship managers have access to real-time data consumption and user activity information per vessel. This live view empowers them to make informed decisions, manage resources efficiently, and respond quickly to any network-related incidents.

Customized Firewall Policies

Ship managers can implement different firewall policies per WAN terminal, network, or IP address, enhancing security measures and network segmentation to protect against cyber threats effectively.

Full Administration & Management Portal

The ship management system provides comprehensive administration capabilities through the control panel, offering a centralized hub for managing all aspects of the ship’s internet services. This All-in-One NetCom Management Platform streamlines tasks and ensures efficient operation.

Dedicated Starlink Interface Management Add On

Efficiently allocate and manage Starlink bandwidth, prioritize critical applications, and monitor network performance, ensuring optimal connectivity.

Seamless Integration through ERP API

Empower your organization with seamless integration of crew internet services into your existing ERP software via API. This centralized management solution streamlines billing, usage tracking, and overall administration, simplifying your operations and enhancing cost control.

Administration & Management Portal

Connectivity statistics by type

Connectivity Interface Statistics per Type

Unified Hotspot Traffic Statistics

Unified Hotspot Cards Traffic Statistics

Top Up Statistics

Unified Hotspot Cards Top-Up Statistics

Network Traffic per Type & Tag

Network Traffic per Type & Tag

Starlink Interface Type Statistics

Starlink Interface Type Statistics

Starlink Interface Performance Statistics

In & Out Speed for VSAT Interface Type

In & Out Speed for VSAT Interface Type

Need for Speed, Need for Management

LEO satellites, like Starlink Maritime and OneWeb, are a new and powerful addition to the communication technologies that ships use.

Starlink and LEO satellites are revolutionizing the maritime industry, bringing high-speed, low-latency internet to ships in remote locations. This empowers vessels with real-time access to critical data, seamless communication, and advanced navigation and safety systems. These innovations not only boost operational efficiency but also enhance crew welfare and safety, making the maritime sector more connected and resilient in the face of unexpected challenges.

They work with existing VSAT and LTE (4G/5G) systems to improve communication and productivity. But managing multiple satellite connections can be tough for IT managers, so we provide them with the right tools to make it easier.

Network Management Made Easy

MarPoint knows that managing a vessel’s network can be as tough as sailing through stormy seas. That’s why we created the Evo2 Router, the ultimate multi-WAN network management solution. It delivers seamless internet connectivity with true failover capability, regardless of airtime provider, making network management a breeze for IT managers and fleet administrators.

The Evo2 Router offers advanced features that make it easy to create and manage network rules. This flexibility lets you fine-tune network access and optimize data usage, ensuring efficient operations.