Crew internet

Our Evo2 Router Crew services keep seafarers connected for over 10 years
The Marpoint  Unified Management Platform provides the option to create Crew internet hotspot cards, allowing the office to share the FBB or VSAT monthly data package allowance of each vessel with the crew members. By sharing a percentage of the cost with the crew, the office saves on satellite monthly costs while the crew gets internet access at very low rates.

Marpoint Crew internet offers almost complete customization as part of the Crew “Internet Café”. 

  • Give managed internet access to your crew.
  • Remote Control of onboard Internet access and consumption.
  • The distinction between crew internet and business (bridge) internet access.
  • Web & content filtering (limits web access to gambling, streaming, windows updates, etc.) so the office can block specific categories or websites.
  • Different policies set on different WAN interfaces (i.e. FBB or VSAT).
  • BYOD (Bring your own device).
  • Self-Top-up packages.
  • Personalized crew internet page with the remaining balance. 
  • Movable Pin-based and User-based cards (crew internet cards operate on all fleet vessels). 

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