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Read your news locally on the vessel without

a connection to the internet

With over 1.200.000 articles delivered on a daily base to:







Marpoint's innovation towards crew welfare

Evo News offers the ability to:

  • Send thousands of compressed news articles to vessels every day, while consuming only a few MB. ‘more than 150 complete articles per 1MB of data’
  • Read articles locally on the vessel (with no additional data consumption) through a user-friendly customizable web interface.
  • Choose the articles delivered to each vessel by crew nationality. Unlimited languages for all your crew members.
    (i.e Greek, Indian, Filipino, Russian etc)
  • Experience a trouble-free operation, while providing the crew with an ‘always-online’ news feed
  • Adjust the articles, links, frequency, country, category and even size.
    (send articles with or without images)
  • View articles on the vessel’s internal network by crew using their own devices.
    (BYOD / laptop, smartphones, crew PC, etc)
  • Create your ‘company’ custom news and training sessions for the crew.
  • Deploy installations seamlessly on vessels, with ready-made packages and scripts many different computer operating systems and versions.

Create your Company’s NewsFeed

Add video in your feeds

Enhance and expand your company’s corporate news, announcements and interaction with the Seafarers by sending them video material that they can watch onboard and while offline!


Add games for your crew

Choose from a variety of games your Seafarers can play during their free time. A unique approach of daily briefing & entertainment under the same well trusted platform.

Marpoint - Evo News RSS Feeder logo

Now you can create your corporate news and send them to the vessels as an RSS feed. Keep your seafarers informed and up-to-date on what’s happening at your shipping company.

Upload texts, photos, archives and short videos.

Types of topics that may be relevant for inclusion in your company RSS NewsFeed:

  • New vessel arrivals
  • Vessel promotions on board
  • Employee benefits or perks information
  • Upcoming training opportunities
  • News on technology and technical updates
  • Details on job vacancies
  • A message from the president, owner or CEO
  • News on company celebrations, holidays, special occasions
  • Health & Safety Manning
  • Training Rules

New, User Friendly Control Panel

Evo News service is easy to install (even remotely) and offers a trouble free operation.

Monitor, choose and control your vessel news through users-friendly key system operations for your entire fleet anytime.

Connect your device

Smartphone, tablet or PCs

Read your news locally on the vessel without a connection to the internet using your own device!

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