Marpoint’s newest innovation towards crew welfareness
  • Evo news offers the ability to:
  • Send daily to vessels, thousands of compressed news articles by only using a few MB (more than 150 complete articles per one MB of data)
  • Read articles locally, on the vessel (with no additional data consumption) through a user friendly custom web interface
  • Choose the articles delivered to each vessel by crew nationality (i.e. Philippine, Greek, Russian, Indian, Crew etc.)
  • Choose the articles, links, frequency, country, category and even size (send articles with or without pictures)
  • View articles on the vessel’s internal network while the crew use their own devices (BYOD, laptop, smartphone, crew pc etc.)
  • Create your company’s custom news and training sessions for the crew
  • Evo News is easy to install (even remotely) and offers a trouble free operation

Marpoint - Evo News RSS Feeder 1
Marpoint - Evo News RSS Feeder 2

Evo News RSS Feeder diagram


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