Cape Shipping S.A. and Marpoint join forces for Crew Welfare

NAFTOMAR SHIPPING AND TRADING CO LTD, a renowned maritime company specializing in GAZ and oil transportation, boasts an extensive fleet of vessels for the global movement of GAZ and oil products. Established in 1972 in Beirut, Lebanon, Naftomar’s origins as a trading house focused on petroleum product distribution within the Mediterranean have evolved into a leading player in the Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) sector.

Following successful trials, Cape Shipping S.A. has chosen to implement MarPoint’s Evo News across their entire fleet. Mr. Leonidas Mindrinos, Assistant DPA at Cape Shipping, explains the decision to leverage Evo News as part of their crew welfare strategy and highlights the service’s benefits

A Proactive Approach to Crew Well-being

Cape Shipping takes a proactive approach to Health, Safety, Quality, Security, Environment, and Energy (HSQEE) issues, exceeding minimum compliance standards. Crew health and well-being are a top priority. Evo News is a valuable service that demonstrates our commitment to supporting our seafarers every day.

At Cape Shipping, crew well-being is paramount. We go beyond simply complying with regulations; we take a proactive approach to HSQEE to ensure a safe and healthy work environment. Evo News exemplifies this commitment. By providing our seafarers with daily news, games, and essential company updates, all accessible offline, Evo News demonstrates that we stand beside them every day.
Leonidas Mindrinos
Assistant DPA

Enhanced Crew Experience with Offline Entertainment

The RSS technology and customized MarPoint platform power Evo News, providing an exceptional crew welfare experience. Seafarers can access daily news and games during their free time, including major sports highlights, all directly on their smartphones without internet data charges.

Streamlined Communication and Training

The Evo News Company Feed eliminates the need for complex procedures. Training materials, videos, and company announcements can all be easily disseminated through the platform. Evo News takes care of the entire process.

Why Evo News is Unique

  • Top-rated free service for crew information, leisure, and entertainment.
  • Stable and data-efficient: Evo News uses minimal data from the shipping company and no data from the seafarer.
  • Streamlined communication: Shore-based departments like IT, safety, crew, and marine can use the Evo News Company Feed for training and company updates.
  • Offline Games: Evo News offers a unique offline gaming experience for seafarers at sea.
  • Post-Covid Normalization: Evo News provides access to the latest news from home, sports updates, and social events, fostering a sense of normalcy for seafarers.

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