How IONIC Transformed Vessel Communications with Starlink and Marpoint

Ionic Anax
IONIC Tankers (MGT) Inc

Established in 2013, IONIC set out to build a top-tier ship management company focused on operating a medium-sized fleet of high-quality, modern vessels. From its inception, Ionic has incorporated the highest standard tanker management practices throughout its operations, both ashore and on board. This commitment to excellence is largely due to the background and experience of the company's key staff members, helping Ionic differentiate itself in a competitive industry.

The arrival of Starlink radically changed the maritime communication landscape. Thanks to the existing network infrastructure and the presence of the Evo2 router, Ionic adapted to this new technology with ease across its entire fleet. 

MarPoint designed and implemented a network infrastructure tailored to IONIC’s specific needs, ensuring that the solutions were perfectly aligned with the operational requirements of the fleet. This bespoke approach provided Ionic with a robust and reliable communication system.

Additionally, MarPoint offered round-the-clock technical support, a critical component that guaranteed uninterrupted service and swift resolution of any issues that arose. In an era where cyber threats are rampant, MarPoint also ensured the highest levels of cybersecurity, protecting sensitive data and communication channels from potential breaches.

Integrating Marpoint Solutions and Starlink into our fleet has been a game-changer. The seamless connection between vessel and office, combined with high-speed internet, has provided us with an office-like experience on board. This has enabled our IT managers and engineers to perform and complete tasks that were previously impossible due to low-speed and interrupted connections."
Andreas Polidis
IT Advisor, IONIC

The transformation brought by Starlink and MarPoint has been profound, delivering a range of operational benefits. Real-time communication between vessels and headquarters has improved operational coordination and decision-making processes.

The integrated solution has also reduced overall communication costs, creating a more cost-effective operational framework. Reliable internet access has allowed crew members to stay connected with their families and access online entertainment, significantly boosting morale. High-speed internet has provided vessels with an office-like experience, enabling IT managers and engineers to perform tasks previously hindered by low-speed and interrupted connections. This includes real-time system updates, remote troubleshooting, and effective management of the vessel’s IT infrastructure.

Furthermore, high-speed connectivity has enabled real-time data transfer and analytics, allowing Ionic to make informed decisions swiftly.

Impressive Performance Statistics

Since implementing Starlink and Marpoint Solutions, IONIC has seen remarkable performance improvements. Key performance statistics include:

Average Maximum Download Speed
Average Maximum Upload Speed
Maximum Download Speed
Maximum Upload Speed
Average Latenct
Ping Drop Rate
Ionic Shipping Starlink Traffic Performance

These statistics demonstrate the reliability and speed of the new system, significantly enhancing the operational capabilities of Ionic’s fleet.


The collaboration between MarPoint and Starlink has transformed IONIC’s operations. With reliable, high-speed internet now available across its fleet, Ionic has enhanced its operational efficiency, reduced costs, and improved crew welfare. This case study underscores the transformative potential of advanced connectivity solutions in the maritime industry, setting a benchmark for other shipping companies to follow.

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