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Your onboard internet solution provider

Our Mission

MarPoint Ltd is a maritime IT company that specializes in providing “out of the box” solutions for the maritime and yachting industry. As a result, the software delivered is developed and customized according to the customer’s needs.
Our mission is to provide an all-in-one package for maritime companies and vessel owners. This includes cost control, return-on-investment and the ability to monitor an entire fleet from a captain’s point of view.

What We Do

Marpoint’s core activities consists of integration of hardware and software solutions along with managed IT services for the maritime industry. More specifically, Marpoint designs and creates unique Internet communications platforms that along with our enterprise grade routers and servers offer complete IT support, remote and on-site technical support, cyber security administration and monitoring. Currently serving the network and infrastructure needs of over 1200 commercial vessels as well as the 4G data plans and network requirements of hundreds of yachts and cruise ships. 

We are committed to provide all-in-one packages for maritime companies and vessel owners that will assist them to achieve cost control, operational efficiency and maximize return on investment.

Via a range of proactive services, our customers keep their systems up and running and give people a peace of mind.

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We strive to provide our Customers with a customized solution based on their needs.