Crew welfare reimagined with Starlink and Seafarers’ Companion

The Seafarers Companion Crew Welfare All in One Solution

Seafarer’s Companion: More than just internet. It’s crew welfare, reimagined. Ditch the spotty signal and upgrade to seamless connectivity with Starlink & 5G. This all-in-one solution goes beyond internet access, offering dedicated hardware, software, and a robust platform for ultimate crew well-being.

All in One Package

Seafarer’s Companion is a complete solution that goes beyond providing internet access to seafarers, encompassing dedicated hardware, pre-installed software, and a robust management platform.

  • Seamless Crew Connectivity and Management: Take advantage of all the latest Maritime Connectivity innovations, such as Starlink and 5G.
  • Dedicated Hardware for Seamless Crew Management: MarPoint’s specialized hardware ensures seamless crew management, providing a dedicated platform for accessing internet services, managing user profiles, and monitoring network usage.
  • Pre-Installed Software: Pre-installed software, including EvoNews on PBX, enhances crew wellbeing by providing a centralized news feed and communication tools, regardless of vessel location.
  • Live Data Management and Reporting: Live data/management and reporting system provides real-time insights into crew internet usage, enabling proactive monitoring and optimization of network resources.
  • 24/7 IT Support for Unwavering Peace of Mind: A 24/7/365 IT support team is always at hand to address any technical issues or concerns, ensuring seamless operation of the Seafarer’s Companion.

Enhancing Maritime Operations with Streamlined Internet Management

MarPoint empowers ship managers and crews to navigate the complexities of maritime internet management with a comprehensive suite of solutions tailored to their unique needs. Our user-centric approach, granular control over internet usage, and robust content filtering capabilities ensure a seamless and secure online experience for all stakeholders.

Ship Manager Advantages:

  • Streamlined Fleet Management: Effortlessly manage internet usage across your entire fleet with our intuitive interface, providing centralized visibility into internet activity and consumption patterns.
  • Fast, Reliable Crew Internet: MarPoint’s Seafarer’s Companion goes beyond providing basic connectivity. It harnesses the power of cutting-edge Maritime Connectivity innovations, including 5G and Starlink, to deliver unparalleled Crew Internet access to seafarers.
  • Scalable Escalation Policies: Set personalized escalation policies for user categories and WAN interfaces, such as FBB or VSAT, to optimize network usage.
  • Quality of Service (QoS) per network and per IP: Take granular control over your QoS settings to prioritize and optimize your crew’s connectivity needs.
  • Real-Time Data Visualization: Gain real-time insights into consumed data, user activity, and internet usage patterns.
  • Flexible Card Management: Effortlessly create and manage pin-based or user-based internet cards from the comfort of your office or directly from the vessel, providing flexibility and control over internet access.
  • Gain Valuable Insights: Real-time data visualization empowers you to gain actionable insights into internet consumption patterns, user activity, and data usage, enabling informed decisions and proactive optimization of your internet management strategies.
  • Remote Technical Support: Enables remote troubleshooting and technical support, reducing downtime and allowing for quicker resolution of equipment or system issues on the ship.

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Crew Benefits:

  • Uninterrupted Internet Access: Experience uninterrupted internet access with prioritized QoS for all internet cards, ensuring that your crew can stay connected to their loved ones and remain productive.
  • Unwind with Pre-Installed Games: Pamper your crew with hours of entertainment during their downtime. Evo News’s pre-installed games offer a variety of genres and challenges to keep your seafarers entertained and relaxed.
  • Customized User Profiles and Internet Cards for Flexibility: User-based internet cards are transferable across a fleet’s ships, offering flexibility and ease of use for both crew and management.
  • Tailored Internet Web Page: Gain real-time visibility into your remaining balance, session logs, and other essential information via a customized HTML internet web page, empowering crew members to manage their internet usage efficiently.
  • Access to Information: Stay informed about current events, sports scores, and business news from around the globe with Evo News. Access a diverse range of sources, regardless of nationality, to keep your crew engaged and informed.
  • Stay Connected with the Company: Centralize communication and information sharing with your maritime staff using Evo News company feed. Upload documents, photos, and training materials without incurring additional data charges, ensuring seamless communication and collaboration.
  • Prioritized QoS: Experience uninterrupted internet access with QoS for all internet cards.
  • Enhancing Crew Wellbeing: Boost crew’s well-being and productivity with a range of free entertainment options, a centralized news feed, and seamless communication tools.

MarPoint’s Seafarer’s Companion blazes a trail in the maritime industry, setting the standard for innovation and exceeding the latest ILO guidelines while catering to the rising demand for value-added services. Elevate your fleet’s performance with MarPoint’s Seafarer’s Companion and witness the transformative power of unparalleled crew engagement and connectivity.

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