Maritime Connectivity Management

Maritime Connectivity Across All Networks

The maritime connectivity landscape is evolving rapidly. While Starlink has undoubtedly shaken things up, traditional VSAT solutions remain a crucial player, offering reliable and proven service.

Our systems ensure seamless connectivity, optimizing performance across multiple networks to meet the diverse needs of maritime operations.

Starlink Maritime

Utilizing a constellation of low Earth orbit (LEO) satellites, Starlink* offers high-speed internet with low latency, ensuring real-time communication and data transfer even in the most remote oceanic regions.

The introduction of Starlink has significantly enhanced the capabilities of maritime communication, providing an alternative to traditional satellite services. By integrating Starlink with our Evo2 multi WAN router, vessels can experience unprecedented levels of connectivity, harnessing the power of Starlink’s extensive satellite network while seamlessly managing and optimizing connections across all available networks. This ensures that maritime operators can achieve the best possible performance and reliability for their communication needs.

* Starlink to be offered via an official Starlink reseller 


Marpoint Boost your internet

High-speed internet connectivity

Faster internet via low-orbit satellites. Up to 200Mbps download & 40Mbps upload.

Marpoint Starlink low latency

Low latency

Starlink has a latency of less than 80 ms. significantly better than traditional satellite internet which experience latency around 600ms.

Global coverage

Global reach for oceans and waterways, including international waters and ports in over 70 countries.

Marpoint support

Easy installation

User-friendly equipment, easy-mounts antenna anywhere on boat. No expertise required.

Marpoint Maritime Sensors

Sensor Technology

High-speed internet enables collecting high-quality ship data with reliable sensors, which can open up new ways to optimize the lifecycle and efficiency of ships.

Marpoint crew welfare

Crew Welfare and Safety

Shipboard life transformed: Telemedicine, entertainment & more for happy, productive crews.

Multi-band VSAT

Multi-band VSAT (Very Small Aperture Terminal) technology enables maritime vessels to access a broad spectrum of satellite frequencies, including C-band, Ku-band, and Ka-band. 

This versatility ensures robust and reliable communication in various geographical regions and weather conditions. By integrating multi-band VSAT with our Evo2 multi WAN router, maritime operators can achieve uninterrupted connectivity, leveraging the strengths of different frequency bands to maintain optimal performance and redundancy.


Ku-band operates in the frequency range of 12-18 GHz and is widely used in maritime communications for its balance between bandwidth availability and antenna size. It provides high-speed internet access and is particularly effective in regions with heavy precipitation, thanks to its resilience against rain fade. Our Evo2 multi WAN router seamlessly integrates Ku-band VSAT systems, ensuring continuous high-speed connectivity and allowing vessels to stay connected even in challenging weather conditions.

ntelsat FlexMaritime Coverage


Inmarsat’s FleetBroadband service operates on the L-band frequency, delivering reliable voice and data communication services across the world’s oceans. It is known for its global coverage and dependable performance, particularly in areas with severe weather conditions. The Evo2 multi WAN router can effectively manage FleetBroadband connections, ensuring that vessels benefit from consistent and reliable communication, critical for operational continuity and safety at sea.


Iridium Certus

Iridium Certus offers global L-band satellite communication, providing reliable voice and data services with pole-to-pole coverage. Its robust network is ideal for maritime applications, offering consistent performance even in remote and harsh environments. Integrating Iridium Certus with our Evo2 multi WAN router ensures that vessels have a dependable backup communication link, enhancing safety and operational efficiency by maintaining connectivity in areas where other networks may be less effective.

Fleet Xpress

Fleet Xpress combines the high data speeds of Ka-band with the reliable backup of L-band, offering a hybrid solution for maritime connectivity. It provides seamless, high-speed global coverage, making it ideal for data-intensive applications and mission-critical communications. Our Evo2 multi WAN router integrates Fleet Xpress effortlessly, enabling vessels to maximize bandwidth utilization and maintain a constant connection, regardless of their location.

Fleet Xpress
Marpoint 5g, Leo, Geo, WiFi Connectivity

Managing Multi-WAN Network on a Vessel

Vessels face unique connectivity challenges due to constantly changing locations and the need for uninterrupted data flow. This is where a multi-WAN solution comes into play.

With the Evo2 Router, you can achieve the most advanced multi-WAN network management on a vessel, regardless of your airtime provider. The Evo2 Router is designed to deliver seamless internet connectivity, even during service outages, thanks to its true failover capability and support for multiple satellite bands, including Inmarsat L-Band, VSAT C, Ku, and Ka bands, as well as LEO orbit satellites like Iridium, Starlink, and OneWeb.

Evo2 Router - The advantages for managing a multi-WAN network on a vessel:

  • Advanced load balancing: The Evo2 Router can intelligently distribute traffic across multiple connections, ensuring that all available bandwidth is used optimally. This can help to improve performance and reduce latency.
  • True failover: The Evo2 Router can automatically switch to a backup connection in the event of a primary connection failure. This ensures uninterrupted connectivity, even in the event of a service outage.
  • Comprehensive quality of service (QoS) management: The Evo2 Router allows you to prioritize critical applications and data streams to ensure they receive the necessary bandwidth, even during peak network usage. This can help to improve the performance of critical systems and applications, such as navigation and communication systems.
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Administration & Management Portal

Designed to meet the most needed and must-have requirements of IT managers, our new control panel page brings unprecedented visibility into the performance, consumption, and status details of Starlink connections on vessels.

Key highlights of our new control panel feature include:

  • Comprehensive Starlink Performance Metrics:
    Gain a comprehensive overview of crucial performance metrics such as throughput, latency, and packet loss.
  • In-Depth Starlink Consumption Analysis:
    Dive into consumption patterns to understand how data is utilized across your vessel’s network.
  • Real-Time Starlink Obstruction Monitoring:
    Stay ahead of potential obstructions that may impact Starlink connectivity.
  • Starlink Status Updates and Alerts:
    Stay informed about the current status of your vessel’s Starlink connection.
  • Plotter WAN Status Monitor:
    With the growing adoption of advanced technologies like Starlink and 5G, maintaining reliable connectivity requires vigilance beyond your primary WAN. Monitoring secondary WANs like VSAT, FBB, or Iridium is more critical than ever. Being aware of their performance ensures operational continuity.
Marpoint control panel starlink performance
Starlink Performance Monitor
Marpoint control panel starlink consumption
Starlink Consumption Data
Marpoint control panel starlink
Starlink Uptime Status
Marpoint control panel starlink traffic
Starlink Traffic Data
Marpoint control panel starlink traffic
Starlink Performance Over Time
Wan Plotter

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