STARLINK maritime

LEO fast maritime connectivity is no longer a luxury

The demand for connectivity onboard ships has transcended the conventional requirements of email services, crew internet cards, VoIP calls, and file sharing. A new era of technology has emerged, where fast and reliable data connections are crucial for audiovisual systems, artificial intelligence, and more.

Leading this transformative wave is Starlink Maritime, an Elon Musk-led venture under SpaceX. With approximately 3,300 low-earth orbit (LEO) satellites currently circling the planet at around 550 kilometers, Starlink presents a groundbreaking departure from traditional VSAT systems.

Ship owners and operators can benefit from the enhanced performance, improved reliability, and expanded coverage offered by Starlink Maritime, empowering them to unlock new possibilities and drive digital transformation in the maritime sector.

Starlink revolutionizes operations for seagoing vessels

High-speed internet connectivity

Starlink provides high-speed internet connectivity that is faster than traditional satellite services.

Under optimal conditions, Starlink can offer a maximum upload speed of 40Mbps, and up to 200Mbps download per installation, which is considerably faster than most home broadband users experience.

Low latency

Starlink has low latency, which means that data transmission is faster and more responsive.

Global coverage

Starlink coverage is global, and it can deliver internet connectivity even in remote locations where traditional services are not available. 

Lower data costs

Starlink is cost-effective compared to traditional satellite services regarding pricing, data limits, and installation.

The upfront cost of the equipment is well below the tens of thousands you’d expect to pay for a satellite dome on a commercial vessel, but the monthly subscription cost is similar or higher – but then again, so are the speeds. 

Easy installation

Starlink dishes are flat, so no need for the big VSAT domes, and no need for a dedicated engineer to install the system!

Sensor Technology – Green Management

The use of sensors provides an excellent opportunity to improve the efficiency and safety of ships and related equipment. Collecting high-quality ship data with reliable sensors can open up new ways to optimize the lifecycle and efficiency of ships.


Starlink empowers the ship to provide real-time data and automated notifications ashore that can help shipping companies identify and address potential problems before they become serious. This can help to reduce costly repairs and prevent long periods of downtime that can be a financial burden for maritime operators.

The speed that Starlink brings will make sure all the new technologies will unleash new dimensions in office-to-ship communication.

A huge impact on Crew Welfare and Safety

Telemedicine, video streaming, surveillance systems, entertainment solutions, online sports, and many more are revolutionizing the Crew’s stay onboard a commercial ship, making the modern seafarer more productive, safe and happy while on duty!

Seamlessly Unite Starlink and 4G/5G with Evo2 Router for Uninterrupted Maritime Connectivity

The Evo2 MultiRouter is a state-of-the-art multi-WAN network management solution that seamlessly combines the power of Starlink* satellite connectivity with 4G/5G networks, ensuring uninterrupted and reliable connectivity in the maritime industry.

By integrating Starlink’s cutting-edge LEO satellite connectivity with terrestrial 4G/5G networks, the Evo2 MultiRouter optimizes connectivity options for maritime operations. It intelligently manages the network traffic, directing data through the most efficient and stable connection available at any given time.

It enables seamless access to critical applications, real-time data transfer, and reliable voice and video communication, even in remote or challenging maritime environments. Moreover, Evo2 offers greater control and flexibility in managing bandwidth, reducing costs, and ensuring optimal performance for mission-critical operations.

With the Evo2 MultiRouter, maritime entities can confidently embrace the advantages of both Starlink satellite connectivity and 4G/5G networks. It provides a comprehensive and future-proof solution for achieving seamless connectivity and leveraging the best available networks to meet the ever-growing demands of the maritime industry.


*Starlink to be offered via an official Starlink reseller