Dioryx Maritime Enhances Crew Well-being with Evo News

Dioryx Maritime adds value-added Crew Welfare services via Evo News

Dioryx Maritime, a well reputable shipping company in the containers ships operation, has implemented Evo News, Marpoint’s daily e-newspaper and crew welfare platform throughout its modern fleet comprising of 7 vessels.

The global pandemic highlighted the critical role seafarers play in maintaining global trade, often enduring challenging conditions with limited access to information and entertainment. This situation placed an even greater emphasis on crew well-being and ensuring seafarers felt connected and supported.

Dioryx Maritime's Commitment

Dioryx Maritime, a leading shipping company, prioritizes the well-being of its crew members. Recognizing the challenges faced by seafarers during the pandemic, Dioryx sought a solution to enhance information access, improve communication, and provide offline entertainment options.

Evo News: A Personalized Information and Entertainment Platform

Dioryx Maritime implemented Marpoint’s Evo News platform across its fleet. Evo News addresses the specific needs of seafarers by providing:

  • Multilingual News Delivery: Articles are delivered daily in the native languages of all crew nationalities, ensuring everyone has access to relevant and up-to-date information.
  • Offline Accessibility: Evo News eliminates concerns about internet costs as it functions entirely offline, allowing seafarers to stay informed regardless of the vessel’s connectivity.
  • Personalized Newsfeeds: Seafarers can customize their news feeds by adding specific sites and topics, catering to their individual interests.
  • Pre-configured News Providers: A wide range of reputable news sources are pre-configured within Evo News, offering a diverse selection of news content.
  • Offline Entertainment Library: Dioryx has activated a collection of video games accessible via Evo News. This provides seafarers with a fun and engaging way to unwind during their downtime, even when offline.

The Results

By implementing Evo News, Dioryx Maritime has demonstrably improved crew well-being:

  • Improved Information Access: Seafarers now have access to a wider range of information in their native languages, fostering a sense of connection with the outside world.
  • Reduced Isolation: Evo News helps combat feelings of isolation by providing personalized news and entertainment options, promoting a more engaging onboard experience.
  • Increased Morale: Enhanced access to information and entertainment contributes to a more positive and productive work environment for the crew.

Dioryx Maritime’s commitment to crew well-being through the implementation of Evo News serves as a model for the maritime industry. Evo News demonstrates that providing seafarers with the tools to stay informed and entertained can significantly impact morale and overall well-being. This translates into a more satisfied and productive crew, ultimately benefiting both the company and the global supply chain.

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