Transman Shipmanagers S.A. standardizes on UNI Server Virtualization Solution for their entire fleet

Transman Shipmanagers deploys UNI Virtualization Solution

Transman Shipmanagers S.A. (Transman) is a well-established modern Shipmanagement company that manages a diverse fleet of dry cargo and container vessels with a well-established track record in the maritime industry since 1986.

Transman Shipmanagers S.A. has embarked on a significant transformation of their IT infrastructure, partnering with Marpoint to implement the UNI Virtualization solution and Maritime IT As A Service. This strategic move addresses two critical objectives: modernizing IT support across their fleet and ensuring robust business continuity on each vessel.

Enhanced Efficiency and Streamlined Operations

The cornerstone of this transformation is Marpoint’s UNI Virtualization solution. UNI goes beyond simply providing basic hardware and software. It offers a comprehensive suite of features designed to optimize fleet IT operations:

  • Centralized Management: UNI empowers Transman with a centralized platform for managing and monitoring the IT infrastructure on all their vessels. This simplifies IT administration, reduces workload, and allows for faster troubleshooting.
  • Improved Resource Utilization: Virtualization technology enables Transman to consolidate IT resources, maximizing server efficiency and reducing hardware requirements. This translates to lower overall IT costs and a smaller environmental footprint.
  • Enhanced Security: UNI’s security features, like desktop virtualization and restricted USB access, contribute to a more secure IT environment, mitigating potential security risks and aligning with the latest IMO 2021 regulations.

Transman Shipmanagers S.A.'s mission, among others, is to operate our fleet above and beyond international standards, by maintaining the highest quality of service, without any compromise on ship maintenance. Marpoint's UNI Virtualization solution provides a high-availability cluster server where all three cluster nodes participate in the replication of the VMs. This ensures sufficient backup and disaster recovery of business files and critical applications on board our fleet vessels, eliminating single points of failure as required by IMO regulations.

Furthermore, Marpoint's IT Managed Services, coupled with their monitoring and alerting mechanisms, provide the necessary tools to establish a cyber-resilient operating environment. Asset Management and Software Patching applied by Marpoint minimize vulnerabilities and threats, allowing us to avoid high-risk practices and ensure compliance with auditor requirements.

Cpt. Nikolaos Frantzeskos

Modernized IT Infrastructure and IMO 2021 Compliance

UNI provides Transman with the tools for comprehensive monitoring of their entire fleet’s IT infrastructure, while also assisting them in complying with the IMO 2021 regulations. This includes features such as:

  • Triple Backups: Triple backups of both business files and applications (email, navigation software, ERP, etc.) eliminate single points of failure and ensure business continuity.
  • Remote Desktop Access: Users can securely perform their daily tasks on the server via remote desktop from their terminal PCs.
  • Remote Server Access: Full remote access is available to the server and all user files.
  • User Activity Logging: Detailed logs track user logins to the server.
  • Desktop Virtualization and Secure Access: Linux Thin Clients with Active Directory provide a secure and manageable environment with one account per crew member. Thin clients offer advantages in:
    • Reliability
    • Ease of Management
    • Energy Efficiency
    • Security
  • USB Management: All USB devices are monitored, and only approved devices can access the VM Windows server, complying with IMO 2021 regulations.
  • Optimized Software Patching: Software patching is customized and scheduled to optimize bandwidth usage and minimize disruption to vessel operations, aligning with IMO 2021 regulations.

Maritime IT As A Service

Through their partnership with Marpoint, Transman benefits from a dedicated IT Project Manager and a team of Marpoint IT specialists. This team safeguards the health and proper operation of the fleet’s IT infrastructure, providing 24/7/365 professional support via an automated ticketing system and standardized response times (SLAs) for any IT issues.

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