Transman Shipmanagers S.A. deploys Marpoint’s UNI Virtualization Solution throughout their fleet


Transman Shipmanagers S.A. (Transman) is a well-established modern Shipmanagement company that manages a diverse fleet of dry cargo and container vessels with a well-established track record in the maritime industry since 1986.

By implementing Marpoint’s UNI Virtualization solution and Maritime IT As A Service, Transman has modernized the IT support for their business and has built their vessels’ business continuity.

At the same time, UNI provides the shipping company with the right tools for the complete fleet IT infrastructure monitoring, whilst assisting them to comply with the IMO 2021 regulation.

Transman Shipmanagers S.A.’s mission, among others, is to operate our fleet above and beyond international standards, by maintaining the highest quality of service, without any compromise on ship maintenance.

Marpoint’s UNI Virtualization solution provides a high-availability cluster server where all three cluster nodes participate in the replication of the VMs

This proves to be sufficient for the backup and disaster recovery of business files and critical applications on board our fleet vessels, with no single point of failure as per the IMO regulation.

On another note, Marpoint’s IT Managed Services as well as the monitoring and alerting mechanisms provide the necessary tools in establishing a cyber-resilient operating environment.

With Asset Management and Software Patching applied we can minimize vulnerabilities and threats, avoid high-risk practices and comply with the auditors’ requirements

Cpt. Nikolaos Frantzeskos – DPA


To modernize the fleet IT Support and establish vessel business continuity.


· Triple backup/recovery of vessels’ business files.

· Triple backup/recovery of vessels’ applications (email, navigation software, ERP etc.) establishing business continuity with no single point of failure, as per IMO 2021 regulation.

· All users perform their day-to-day tasks on the server via remote desktop from their terminal PCs, in a secure environment.

· Full access to the server and all user files remotely.

· Full logs of which user logged to the server and when.

· Desktop Virtualization and Active Directory using Linux Thin clients offering one account per crew member. Thin clients remain the most reliable, easiest-to-manage, most energy-efficient and highest-security endpoint option available

· Complete USB Devices Management, as per IMO 2021: all USB devices are monitored and only business ones are whitelisted to access the VM Windows server.

· Software Patching, based on customized/scheduled downloading sessions, for bandwidth and vessel operations optimization, in line with the IMO 2021 Regulation.

Maritime IT As A Service

Partnering with Marpoint, Transman has been assigned a dedicated IT Project Manager and a team of Marpoint IT specialists to safeguard the good health and proper operation of the fleet’s IT infrastructure, providing 24/7/365 professional support via an automated ticketing system and with standardized response times (SLAs) per event.