Sensor Technology applied in the Maritime industry

by Savvas Delis, Sales Manager

The Maritime industry is constantly evolving into one of the main fields of digitalization and automation. With vessels being equipped with the latest technology, sensors and software solutions, efficiency and cost savings are brought to the foreground.

One of the most advanced and well-developed technologies nowadays is sensor technology, replacing many of the manual tasks, like examining equipment aboard ships.

Essential and non-essential equipment onboard is now able to be managed and monitored in terms of its status and performance.

Sensors can connect with machine learning and AI. This means they may link to remote facilities and analyze data, sending out alerts if any of the ship’s components need maintenance.

The use of sensors provides an excellent opportunity to improve the efficiency and safety of ships and related equipment.

Collecting high-quality ship data with reliable sensors can open up new ways to optimize the lifecycle and efficiency of ships.

What about Sensor Data Collection in the Maritime IT?

A holistic approach to vessel efficiency will take into account the importance of sensor data collection related to the status and performance of its Network and IT infrastructure, including:

  • Vessel connectivity
  • WAN traffic
  • Connection quality
  • IT assets (servers, workstations, software, network devices)

Sensor Technology and Cyber Security

As data management becomes vital to shipping, the security of such systems will need to be carefully protected from threats such as viruses, piracy, and terrorist attacks.

A potential cyberattack on a sensor network can disrupt the operation of systems, and equipment and cause great damage to the Shipping company and all related stakeholders.

In that respect, Cyber Security applied in Sensor Technology must primarily address the Cyber Safety of the IT infrastructure, as even the OT systems can be connected to the IT network for performance monitoring, remote support, etc.

Marpoint offers a unique suite of products and services that combine hardware, software, and sensor data collection for complete vessel Network Management, IT Infrastructure Management, and Cyber Safety complying with all standards and regulations.

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