Cape Shipping S.A. and MarPoint join forces for Crew Welfare

Cape Shipping is a distinguished oceangoing vessel operator, currently operating a fleet of 16 modern container carriers and bulk carriers.

Cape Shipping S.A., after successful trials, has decided to implement MarPoint’s Evo News across their fleet.

Mr. Leonidas Mindrinos, assistant DPA at Cape Shipping, explains the rationale for choosing Evo News to enhance the company’s Crew Welfare strategy as well as the merits enjoyed via the service.

Cape’s approach to maritime health, safety, quality, security, environment and energy (HSQEE) issues is proactive. Compliance with existing rules and regulations and other requirements is considered as a minimum.

The good health and well-being of our crews is a number one priority. To this end and among other best practice policies applied, in Evo News we found an added-value service that lets our Seafarers know that we stand beside them each and every day.

The RSS technology and customized MarPoint platform have enabled us to provide an “extra” crew welfare experience to our Seafarers, with daily news and games during their free time.

Major sports events and highlights are now available on their smartphones without the anxiety of toping up their internet card as all this is offline!

With the Evo News Company Feed, we don’t need to use different or complicated applications & procedures to send our training material, training videos, and company announcement.

Evo News takes care of every part of the process.

Leonidas Mindrinos – Assistant DPA

What makes Evo News unique?

  • One of the top-listed free services onboard for crew real-time information, leisure and entertainment.
  • With constant changes in the Maritime telecommunication, Evo News remains a stable and very low-data consuming service for the Shipping Company, a no-data consuming service for the Seafarer.
  • Evo News Company feed is embraced and utilized by different departments ashore (IT, safety, crew & marine) for training purposes and announcing the company’s latest policies, developments as well as milestones.
  • Evo News Games create a unique experience of offline gaming while at sea.
  • In the post-Covid-19 era, the latest news from home, sports updates and worldwide social events are always part of the daily Seafarer’s informational agenda, creating a coming-back-to-normality feeling!