Cosmoship Management S.A. and Marpoint enter into an exclusive agreement for Unified Network Management and IT infrastructure resilience

Cosmoship Management S.A., a world-leading shipping company, operating a modern fleet of Container Ships and Bulk Carriers , has chosen to implement the Evo2 Router and UNI Virtualization solution across their fleet.

Cosmoship decided to proceed with a fleet-wide installation of the MarPoint Evo2 Router to control and optimize the vessels’ multi-person networks and enhance its crew welfare services.

Via the deployment of UNI Virtualization solution, Cosmoship modernizes its fleet’s IT infrastructure, achieving business continuity, centralized management, and operational efficiency.

In Marpoint we found a Maritime system integrator and IT Managed Services provider that via the Evo2 Router and Centralized platform provides us with effective and customized vessel Network Management, meaning we can go independent from the Airtime Providers and cope with all present and future trends in Maritime Communications.

The Evo2 platform cooperates flawlessly with all the different airtime providers we have chosen to cooperate with; this allows us to have one universal platform for our business & crew operations, controlling costs and avoiding disruption to our business operation.

Irene Timoleon – Cosmoship Operations Department

Today, the implementation and maintenance of a server onboard the ship is prevalent and crucial for the shipping company’s overall operational efficiency and cyber safety.

UNI VM, uses multiple systems that are already installed, configured, and plugged in so that if a failure causes one of the systems to fail, another can be seamlessly leveraged to maintain the availability of the service or application being provided.

With UNI VM and Managed Services, we can save time and server maintenance costs while ensuring our vessel’s overall security posture.

Eleftherios Atsonios – Cosmoship Technical Department

Unique Competencies for Cosmoship Management



  • Can adapt to any IT infrastructure on board.
  • Is not a black-box solution.
  • Is configured according to Cosmoship’s requirements.
  • Can utilize existing vessel equipment, i.e. UPS/PCs/Switches/Printers.
  • Can be built with high-end specs to even support a complete office infrastructure (SQL Server, CRM, ERP and so on).
  • A holistic approach for the vessel’s IT Infrastructure Management is offered to Cosmoship via MarPoint’s Central Management Platform.
Compliance with Cyber Safety
  • No Single-Point of Failure: triple back up of all business files and applications.
  • Disaster Recovery: quick recovery of all IT infrastructure after a cyber incident.
  • Vulnerability Management – Asset Management: Monitoring of IT Assets on board Cosmoship’s fleet, status and performance assessment.
  • PCs Management: Gradual replacement of older and vulnerable/outdated computers with mini pcs (thin clients), operating in Linux.
  • USB Management Policy.
    Endpoint Protection & Remote Management.
Distinctive added value Services
  • MarPoint dedicated IT Project Manager.
  • Dedicated MarPoint IT Team for 24/7/365 IT Managed Services, via an automated ticketing system and with standardized response times according to the event.
  • Global Network of MarPoint approved partners for smooth onsite projects implementation, regardless of the vessels’ ports of destination.

Stability and Best Practices applied

Facing constant changes in the maritime satellite communication industry, Cosmoship takes advantage of MarPoint’s differentiated “Maritime IT” approach for a stable and uniform Network Management strategy.

With the latest technology applied by MarPoint, Cosmoship drives innovation via a continuously evolving cybersecurity risk management program that is designed using the industry’s best practices.