Z. & G. Halcoussis Co. Ltd. offers Evo News to their Seafarers as a valuable tool for Crew Welfare

With an experience of over half a century in the shipping industry, the Company can guarantee a high standard of performance and reliable service and carriage of cargoes, with efficient tackling of all risks exposed to in our every day operations.

Z. & G. Halcoussis Co. Ltd., a highly reputable ship management company that manages a fleet of dry bulk carriers for more than half a century has decided to implement Evo News.

Marpoint’s daily e-newspaper and crew welfare service is now enjoyed by the good crew throughout the Shipping Company’s modern fleet comprising of 7 vessels.

Making ships a better place for seafarers who are facing unprecedent hardship is a challenging project that must take into account their hectic schedules, provide them with recreational activities , different festivities, games and many other.

At Z. & G. Halcoussis Co. Ltd. we value our Seafarers as the core of our business. Our main goal is to provide them with all the necessary tools and technological advancements in order to feel part of our family and operate in a safe, healthy, and productive working environment.

Evo News has given us the opportunity to provide them with something “extra”, which is a platform to keep them updated with the latest news around the globe, with company announcements and a variety of games at their disposal to enjoy during their free time.

Our crew’s experience of accessing information is now easier and not dependent on the vessels’ connectivity.

Furthermore, we have access to the Evo News control panel where we can monitor 24/7 shore-side the status of the service, customizing and updating all features according to our needs.

Dimitrios Garefalakis – IT Manager

Taking advantage of Evo News unique features


No Crew Data Consumption

Seafarers don’t have to worry about the cost of internet use as Evo News works without an internet connection.

Unlimited worldwide news

Seafarers of different nationalities across Z & G Halcoussis fleet have access to unlimited and compressed news articles in their native language, on a daily basis.

News cover a wide spectrum of areas such as maritime, social, sports, leisure and many other.

The service is totally customizable via the Evo News control panel shore-side by the company’s IT Manager and/or Marpoint support team, at all times.

Intra-company Information

Z. & G. Halcoussis Co. Ltd. has the opportunity to upload custom news, notices, and share training material as well as videos via the Evo News Company Feed feature.


The crew of Z & G Halcoussis has now access to a virtual catalog of dozens of famous games (Pacman, Tetris, chess, alien invasion, and many others) to play in their spare time.

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