Millenia Maritime Inc. vessels receive the ‘’EvoNews from Home’’

Shipping companies create a conceptual framework for improving employees’ satisfaction in which MLC’s requirements are followed and mostly employees take greater advantage of the received benefits. For that purpose Millenia Maritime Inc. has chosen to deliver daily news to all their seafarers with Evo News by Marpoint.

Millenia Maritime Inc., incorporated in 2006, is an international shipping company, based in Glyfada, Greece, with a fleet of seven modern, double-hull Handy-max Oil/Chemical tankers, engaged in the world-wide transportation of oil products. The fleet is employed with reputable charterers, servicing all the oil majors.

The safety and wellbeing of all seafarers should be the main priority for every shipping company. Seafarers dedicate themselves to life at sea, away from home, doing work that can often be challenging, lonely and even dangerous. These welfare provisions aim to promote individuals’ well-being as well as social development and team working. Evo News keep our Seafarers updated, grateful and happy at work Ioannis Rizos / ICT Manager
Highlighting the need for onboard crew welfare services
The provision of crew welfare practices aims at balancing effectively the work responsibilities and interests that people have outside work. High quality services & facilities aim at a better life workplace on board. Therefore, a satisfactory balance between work and non-work activities cause employees’ satisfaction, motivation, productivity and performance among others. Especially in the case of seafaring profession, the quality of working conditions and work-life balance are essentials for the effective and safe operation of ships. Psychological wellbeing onboard, includes recreational facilities and communication services, such as television, world news, radio facilities, films, library, telephone and internet services .
Serving welfareness onboard with Evo RSS News
  • 1. Evo News keeps crew informed and update the vessels with the latest news from home. Everyday they receive thousands of news in their local languages.
  • 2. Seafarers do not need to use crew internet cards to read news. They can have them locally, without delays in article downloads, in a fast and friendly user interface.
  • 3. Unlimited languages for all crew nationalities . Each vessel is updated daily  with news in any number of chosen languages.
  • 4. Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) and read the news today (vessel’s laptop, smartphone, crew pc, etc.).
  • 5. Create your corporate news and send them to the vessels as an RSS feed.
With over 100.000 articles delivered to over 600+ vessels on a daily base
  • 14.000 Seafarers receiving
    Evo RSS News today
  • in
  • 20+ Languages

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