Naftomar: Revolutionizing Maritime Connectivity and Crew Welfare through Starlink and Evo2 Router Integration

NAFTOMAR SHIPPING AND TRADING CO LTD, a renowned maritime company specializing in GAZ and oil transportation, boasts an extensive fleet of vessels for the global movement of GAZ and oil products. Established in 1972 in Beirut, Lebanon, Naftomar’s origins as a trading house focused on petroleum product distribution within the Mediterranean have evolved into a leading player in the Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) sector.

In an era characterized by rapid technological advancements and a growing emphasis on human-centric solutions, Naftomar stands as a prominent maritime company with a legacy dating back to 1972. This case study delves into Naftomar’s partnership with MarPoint to seamlessly integrate Starlink’s groundbreaking connectivity and MarPoint’s Evo2 Router.

This integration not only addresses the industry-wide challenge of limited maritime connectivity but also underscores Naftomar’s dedication to fostering an environment where crew members experience enhanced welfare and operational efficiency.

Our enduring partnership has played a pivotal role in driving positive changes within Naftomar’s operations. The implementation of MarPoint’s Evo2 Router has significantly bolstered our vessels’ network management, cybersecurity, and operational efficiency. This success has further motivated us to once again collaborate with MarPoint for the seamless integration of Starlink’s transformative connectivity solutions.

Through the seamless integration of Starlink’s cutting-edge connectivity and MarPoint’s Evo2 Router, Naftomar has reshaped maritime operations, effectively bridging the gap between sea and shore. Our crew members now experience unparalleled connectivity, erasing the boundary between onboard and onshore life.

This evolution not only uplifts crew welfare but also enhances operational efficiency, reflecting our unwavering commitment to their well-being. This integration signifies a monumental leap in the maritime industry, where the synergy of technology and collaboration propels us toward a more illuminated and interconnected future for all stakeholders.

Mr. Dimitris Dellios IT Manager

Evolving Partnership with MarPoint

Naftomar’s enduring collaboration with MarPoint highlights their endorsement of our solutions and underscores their dedication to tapping into our expertise for the establishment of a cyber-secure vessel network, all the while delivering exceptional crew welfare services.

With the seamless deployment of MarPoint’s Evo2 Router across their fleet over the past years, Naftomar harnesses cutting-edge technology, accompanied by a suite of distinctive features that align with class requirements, ensuring optimal adherence to best practices in cyber security.

Prioritizing Crew Welfare

The integration of Starlink’s transformative connectivity solutions by Naftomar, in partnership with MarPoint, seamlessly aligns with the maritime industry’s renewed emphasis on crew welfare. Beyond operational gains, Naftomar’s investment in advanced technology underscores their commitment to fostering an environment where crew members can remain connected, informed, and experience an elevated quality of life while at sea.

The Challenge

The maritime industry has long grappled with limited connectivity, adversely affecting crew well-being and operational efficiency. Naftomar identified the imperative of providing reliable, high-quality connectivity to crew members while ensuring seamless communication between vessels and onshore operations.

The Solution

To address these challenges, Naftomar partnered with MarPoint to implement a state-of-the-art solution that would revolutionize maritime connectivity and crew welfare. The solution involved the integration of Starlink’s Low Earth Orbit (LEO) satellite connectivity, terrestrial 4G/5G networks, MarPoint’s Evo2 Router, and their Administration and Management Platform.

Key Benefits and Features

  1. Enhanced Crew Welfare Services: Through the synergy of Starlink’s advanced LEO satellite connectivity, GEO satellites, and terrestrial 4G/5G networks via MarPoint’s Evo2 Router, Naftomar achieved a paradigm shift in crew welfare. Starlink Maritime ensures uninterrupted, high-speed internet connectivity to ships at sea, enabling crew members to stay connected with their loved ones. By alleviating feelings of isolation through reliable internet access, Starlink Maritime significantly contributes to crew members’ mental well-being, safety, and productivity.

  2. Transformative Integration with Evo2 Router and MarPoint’s Platform: Beyond Starlink’s groundbreaking impact, Naftomar’s integration of Evo2 Router and MarPoint’s Management Platform furthers transformation. The Evo2 Router optimizes network traffic for seamless connectivity, while the Management Platform offers insights into performance, consumption, and connection status. This integration enhances crew welfare and streamlines vessel operations.

  3. Comprehensive Insights: MarPoint’s Administration and Management Platform equips Naftomar’s IT Managers with enhanced insights into performance, consumption, and connection status across vessels. Leveraging Evo2 Router’s capabilities, the platform provides comprehensive Starlink performance metrics, facilitating proactive network management.

  4. Consumption Analysis: The platform enables in-depth analysis of Starlink consumption patterns, allowing IT Managers to optimize data utilization. Real-time obstruction monitoring safeguards against connectivity disruptions, minimizing downtime.

  5. Status Updates and Alerts: Real-time status updates and alerts from the platform empower stakeholders with information about the vessel’s Starlink connection. This transparency facilitates efficient decision-making and troubleshooting.
By integrating Starlink’s innovative connectivity, Evo2 Router, and MarPoint’s Management Platform, Naftomar leads the charge in elevating crew welfare standards in maritime operations. Improved crew welfare services and optimized connectivity result in content and productive crew members. Advanced insights and proactive monitoring empower IT Managers to ensure uninterrupted operations and informed network management decisions. Naftomar’s collaboration with MarPoint exemplifies their commitment to innovation and crew well-being, establishing them as pioneers in transforming maritime connectivity and operational efficiency. This case study underscores how technology, collaboration, and a focus on crew welfare drive positive transformation within the maritime industry, setting new benchmarks for operational excellence and human-centric care.