Navarone chooses
UNI Virtual Machine Manager and Proactive IT Managed Services

Navarone S.A., a world-leading shipping company, operating a modern fleet of Panamax, Handymax / Supramax & Handysize vessels, has chosen to implement Marpoint’s IT Managed Services.

Marpoint IT Managed Services assist Navarone with the ability to remotely self-manage and monitor their vessels’ IT hardware and software infrastructure.

In addition, Marpoint IT Managed Services assist Navarone to apply effectively Cyber Risk Management and stay compliant with the IMO 2021 regulation.

By implementing Marpoint UNI and IT Managed Services throughout our fleet, critical applications on board our fleet vessels such as Planned Maintenance System, email systems, file servers and other are hosted in a virtual environment in which they are available at all times, even in case of hardware failure.

Furthermore, we are now able to have Real-time monitoring of critical devices, assets or data, network traffic flows across our IT and OT vessels’ network and apply software patching in line with the latest IMO Cyber Risk Management regulation.

Konstantinos Sakellakos

IT Manager, Navarone S.A.


The Navarone S.A. Management Team and IT Manager, by implementing Marpoint’s Managed IT Services, decided to take proactive measures towards the following challenging situations that can arise onboard the vessels:



Marpoint Maritime IT Managed Services along with Governor, Marpoint maritime cyber risk management suite, has empowered Navarone to focus on their always-available and smooth operations with a complete portfolio of physical, network and data security services offering the following:

Evo2 Router and Platform for bandwidth optimization, operational efficiency, network control, VPN, crew hotspot & crew calling access for their satellite data service including BYOD functionality (smartphone, tablet or laptop).

Web DNS filtering with over 80 content categories containing over 460 million sites.

Application Filtering with dns/ layer 7 rules. 

Uni Virtual Machine ManagerMarpoint’s 3-node all active cluster with virtual machines continuous replication, for hosting critical vessel applications .

Network Assets (printers, ups, synology, thin clients), performance and health remote monitoring.

Network Inventory Reporting.

Network Asset automated alerts for issues service.

Private Cloud VM with Central Management Backup Platform.

Desktop Virtualization and Active Directory using Linux Thin clients offering one account per crew member. Thin clients remain the most reliable, easiest-to-manage, most energy-efficient and highest-security endpoint option available.

NAS Storage for additional back up of vessels’ critical applications and softwares.

Antivirus integration with Cloud hosting Management Portal for real time holistic monitoring of the vessel’s antivirus protection.

Automatic Software Patching in line with the IMO 2021 Regulation.

Intrusion Detection System (IDS) : 24/7/365 Monitoring of traffic moving on networks and through systems to search for suspicious activity and known threats, with Zero day vulnerability updates.

Dedicated Marpoint IT Team for 24/7/365 Managed IT Services for all the above.

Complete IT remote and on site technical support.

Marpoint 4G Router & Global SIM as a reliable near-shore backup to existing satellite communications.

File Transfer: Maritime optimized File Storage & Sharing solution

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