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Newport deploys Governor multi-layer Cyber Security Suite

NEWPORT S.A.& GREHEL SHIPMANAGEMENT CO are ship management companies providing worldwide transportation solutions in the dry bulk sector , mainly focused on the grain transport , wheat and barley. NEWPORT S.A. was incorporated in 2004 &GREHEL SHIPMANAGEMENT CO was incorporated in 2019. Both companies maintain their premises in Piraeus.

Newport S.A. is a reputable Greek Shipping company operating a modern fleet of Bulk Carriers.

Being innovative and forward-thinking, Newport decided to proceed with a fleet-wide installation of the MarPoint Evo2 Router for controlling and optimizing the vessels’ multi-person networks as well as enhancing its crew welfare services.

Via Marpoint IT Managed Services and Governor, Cyber Security Suite, Newport modernizes the IT support for their business with a complete portfolio of physical, network, data security services and complies with the IMO 2021 regulation.

”As we move towards the era of ”smart” ships, the role of the modern IT Manager in a shipping company becomes a daily multi-tasking challenge that needs to ensure proper communication ship to shore as well as proper operation of all IT systems on board, 24/7 remote monitoring and compliance with regulations.

By partnering with Marpoint, Newport was able to centrally organize the fleet’s network infrastructure independently of the Airtime providers, gaining complete access to the Evo2 platform and customizing it according to each vessel’s unique needs.

By taking advantage of Marpoint’s latest approved technology and excellent proactive IT Managed Services I personally was able to have a peace of mind regarding daily troubleshooting issues, maintain 24/7 control over all operations, providing at the same time an excellent crew welfare experience to our valuable Seafarers!”

– Theofano Somaripa, CIO


Newport’s main priority was to take advantage of the existing VSAT Satellite connectivity in order to create a cyber-secured network environment on board its fleet, to provide unparallel crew welfare services during the COVID-19 pandemic and to stay compliant with the IMO 2021 Cyber Risk Management regulation.


By partnering with MarPoint, Newport was able to excel in the following crucial areas:

Cyber Risk Management

Crew Welfare Services

Added-Value MarPoint Services