Prosperity Bay Shipping deploys Marpoint for effective IT Resilience and Cyber Risk Management throughout their fleet

Prosperity Bay, a well reputable shipping company operating a modern fleet of bulk carriers, has chosen to implement Marpoint UNI Virtualization solution and take advantage of Marpoint’s proactive IT Managed Services.

In the light of our embedded corporate social responsibility and in pursuit of a safer and productive working environment, we perceived the value and need to modernize the IT support on board our fleet vessels. In Marpoint we found a valuable partner who via a complete portfolio of physical, network, data security services will assist us to improve our fleet’s operational efficiency, lower costs, protect our vessels’ assets and comply with the IMO 2021 regulation.

Capt. George Kapoulas
DPA/CSO/MLC Coordinator HSSE Manager


Prosperity Bay’s main priority was to prevent damage and unauthorized use, or exploitation of electronic information, communication systems, and information contained therein.

Information confidentiality, integrity, and availability were a must, therefore the appropriate cyber security ecosystem had to be examined, evaluated, and deployed.

The same ecosystem would remotely monitor the health and performance of all Network assets to provide equipment oversight for operations and maintenance planning purposes.


UNI Virtualization solution: Marpoint’s Triple Cluster Node System with virtual machine replication, incremental crash backup and file recovery, ensuring No Single Point Of Failure.

Gradual replacement of older and vulnerable/outdated computers with mini pcs (thin clients), which are cyber secured and operating in Linux environment.

Each user operates on a cyber-secure thin client, which is 24/7/365 monitored by Marpoint regarding their health/performance.

Application of rules to each thin client regarding removable media (usbs) creating an extra layer of cyber security on board the fleet.

Software Patching, based on customized/scheduled downloading sessions, for bandwidth and vessel’s operations optimization, in line with the IMO 2021 Regulation.

Network Assets performance and health remote monitoring.

Multiple operations software deployment (Crew rest hours software, ERP, CRM, E-charts and other.).


By partnering with Marpoint, Prosperity Bay enjoys a series of merits:

Remote Access 24/7/365, total control over IT operations, peace of mind to stakeholders.

Focus on the Business Objectives, by allowing Marpoint to focus on technical issues and solution performance levels.

Minimized & Predictable Costs, via a tailored service-level agreement with Marpoint that will help Prosperity Bay to avoid any unexpected costs or uncertainties.

Increase Efficiencies & Improve Response Times: a dedicated IT Project Manager and team of Marpoint IT professionals safeguard the 24/7/365 professional support via an automated ticketing system and with standardized response times (SLAs) per event.

Data Security, Compliance, and Risk Management

Being Class Approved, Marpoint Cyber Security Solution facilitates thorough vessel cybersecurity analysis, helping identify the owner’s Cyber Risk Tolerance and helps control cybersecurity vulnerabilities in the supply chain.

At the same time, Marpoint is already certified with ISO 27001:2013 for the Information Security Management System (ISMS) which demonstrates that Marpoint can be trusted for its capability to protect the confidentiality and integrity of the information processed.

The ABS Class Approval along with ISO 27001, will allow Prosperity Bay to secure additional benefits, including lower overall project costs related to Cyber Security classification and certification.