Transforming Maritime Connectivity: TMS Cardiff Gas Leveraging the Evo2 Router for Enhanced Starlink Connectivity

TMS Cardiff Gas, a renowned leader in LNG transportation services, is dedicated to delivering exceptional marine transportation solutions while prioritizing safety, quality, and environmental sustainability.

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In an era where maritime operations heavily rely on seamless connectivity and digitalization, TMS Cardiff Gas, a prominent LNG transportation services provider, has embraced the transformative power of the Evo2 router to optimize its Starlink connectivity. Recognizing the significance of efficient communication, crew welfare, reliable bandwidth, and robust cyber security, TMS Cardiff Gas has successfully harnessed the capabilities of the Evo2 router to revolutionize its operations. This case study explores how TMS Cardiff Gas has leveraged the Evo2 router to enhance their operations and achieve unparalleled crew services, reliable bandwidth, and a cyber-secure multi-WAN management environment.

Among the main pillars of TMS ICT services is to focus on driving the best productive experience for our crew onboard. Our employees is the most important resource, so taking care of their wellbeing is essential for its own sake but brings very tangible benefits for our digital business operation as well.

In this respect, we took the strategic decision to implement Starlink Maritime on our LNG fleet. This adoption showcases our commitment to an employee-focused culture supported by advanced technologies.

By integrating the Evo2 router into our connectivity infrastructure, TMS Cardiff Gas has achieved seamless and reliable connectivity and enhanced its cyber security posture. The router’s multi-WAN management capabilities provide a robust and secure environment, enabling us to safeguard operations against cyber threats. This strategic adoption showcases our commitment to digitalization and sets a benchmark for the maritime industry in leveraging advanced connectivity and cyber security technologies.

Dr. Michalis Michaloliakos PhD –  MSc, Head of ICT & Cyber Security

Easy Installation

To ensure a seamless integration process, TMS Cardiff Gas recognized the importance of easy installation when connecting the Starlink Antenna and Kit to the Evo2 router. The straightforward installation process allowed for a quick and hassle-free setup, minimizing downtime and ensuring a swift transition to the upgraded connectivity solution. By simplifying the installation of the Starlink components and their connection to the Evo2 router, TMS Cardiff Gas saved valuable time and resources, enabling them to swiftly take advantage of the enhanced connectivity capabilities.

Unparalleled Crew Services:

With the Evo2 router and Starlink connectivity, TMS Cardiff Gas significantly improved crew welfare and productivity. The enhanced bandwidth facilitated seamless video calls, enabling crew members to connect with their families and friends while at sea. Additionally, the reliable connectivity empowered crew members to access online training programs, e-learning modules, and real-time operational data. This improved access to information contributed to a more engaged and knowledgeable crew, leading to increased operational efficiency.

Reliable Bandwidth for Vessel Digitalization

To excel in vessel digitalization, TMS Cardiff Gas required a robust and stable connectivity solution. The Evo2 router, in conjunction with Starlink’s satellite network, provided a reliable and high-bandwidth connection. This enabled the company to implement various digitalization initiatives such as remote monitoring, predictive maintenance, and IoT-based systems. By leveraging the reliable bandwidth, TMS Cardiff Gas achieved real-time data transmission, optimized fleet performance, and streamlined operational processes.

Creating a Cyber-Secure Multi-WAN Management Environment

TMS Cardiff Gas understood the importance of cybersecurity in today’s digital landscape. The Evo2 router’s multi-WAN management capabilities enabled the company to create a cyber-secure environment by leveraging multiple connections, including Starlink. The router’s advanced firewall, VPN support, and intrusion prevention features ensured the protection of sensitive data and mitigated potential cyber threats. TMS Cardiff Gas could proactively manage and monitor the network, implementing stringent security measures to safeguard their operations and information.

Through their strategic adoption of the Evo2 router and Starlink connectivity, TMS Cardiff Gas has successfully transformed their maritime operations. The ease of installation, unparalleled crew services, reliable bandwidth for vessel digitalization, and the creation of a cyber-secure multi-WAN management environment have propelled the company’s performance and competitiveness. TMS Cardiff Gas serves as an inspiring example of how maritime industry players can leverage cutting-edge technologies to optimize connectivity and embrace digital transformation, ultimately driving operational excellence and ensuring crew well-being in today’s interconnected world.