Hellas Confidence Shipmanagement serves EvoNews to entire fleet

Hellas Confidence Shipmanagement S.A. (HCS) is a shipping company established in 2015 and its core business is the operational, technical and crew management of bulk carriers. Hellas Confidence Shipmanagement S.A. is an ISO14001:2015 certified Company, committed to the protection of the environment by conducting its ship and shore operations in compliance with the applicable environmental laws, regulations and standards.

Hellas Confidence Shipmanagement, a leading ship management company, prioritizes the well-being of its seafarers. Recognizing the unique challenges faced by crew members at sea, particularly during periods of travel restrictions, Hellas Confidence implemented Marpoint’s EvoNews platform across its fleet.

The Challenge: Combating Seafarer Isolation in Difficult Times

Extended periods at sea can lead to feelings of isolation and homesickness, especially during times of travel restrictions. Hellas Confidence understands the importance of supporting crew well-being and fostering a positive work environment. In these challenging circumstances, the company sought a solution to enhance access to information, entertainment, and a connection to home for their seafarers.

In this difficult period, Hellas Confidence Shipmanagement ought to be ready and have resources in place to support its seafarers on board. EvoNews from Marpoint is the welfare solution to make seas much more relaxed & enjoyable for our hard-working crew. Keeping crew informed and entertained can help reduce staff turnover and boost job satisfaction and morale.
Maria Tsilika
Crew Manager

EvoNews: A Solution for Enhanced Crew Well-being

Hellas Confidence implemented EvoNews, a daily e-newspaper service designed specifically for maritime crews. EvoNews offers several features that directly address the challenges of seafaring:

  • Multilingual Daily News (Offline!): EvoNews delivers news articles in the crew’s native languages, ensuring everyone stays informed and connected with current events back home, regardless of internet connectivity. News is accessible offline, allowing crew members to catch up on their news at their own convenience.
  • Reduced Isolation: Access to a variety of news and information from their home countries helps combat feelings of isolation and fosters a sense of connection to the outside world.
  • Improved Morale and Job Satisfaction: Staying informed and entertained contributes to a more positive and engaging onboard experience, leading to improved morale and job satisfaction among crew members.

The Advantages of EvoNews for Hellas Confidence Shipmanagement:

  • Improved Crew Well-being: EvoNews combats isolation and fosters a positive work environment, contributing to a happier and healthier crew.
  • Reduced Staff Turnover: Enhanced crew well-being leads to increased job satisfaction and loyalty, minimizing staff turnover and associated costs.
  • Simple & Cost-Effective Solution: EvoNews offers a user-friendly platform with remote installation, unlimited languages and users, and a low annual fee per vessel.
  • Enhanced Communication: Shipping companies can utilize the platform’s “Company News” module to share internal news and training materials with their crew.

Hellas Confidence Shipmanagement’s successful implementation of EvoNews demonstrates the company’s commitment to crew well-being. By providing their seafarers with access to information, entertainment, and a connection to home, Hellas Confidence fosters a more positive work environment and ensures a happier and healthier crew. This case study serves as a valuable example for other maritime companies seeking to prioritize crew well-being and create a more enjoyable experience at sea.

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