Keeping Sun’s Seafarers happy & updated at work with EvoNews
Sun Enterprises Ltd., showing commitment to its workforce at sea, selected Marpoint’s EvoNews solution to deliver daily news feeds, customized per vessel to meet it's individual content, nationality and language needs, assuring the Seafarer's satisfaction and well-being.

Established in Piraeus in 1968 but with roots dating back to 1878, SUN ENTERPRISES LTD. serves as the consolidated operating company for a modern fleet of tankers and dry bulk carriers totaling 20 in number with deadweight capacity of just under 2.0 million tons.

EvoNews service keeps our vessels always informed and updated with the latest news from their home. Everyday they receive thousands of news in their local languages without spending any MB from their personal crew cards, as they don’t need to use internet. The feedback from crew is really exciting! They feel very happy and grateful for their company’s consideration. Kostas Tsalikis/ IT Manager
Evo News At a Glance
• Everyday, thousands of articles with the latest national news.
• Saving crew’s personal MB as seafarers do not need to use their crew internet cards for reading news.
• No more delays in news downloads.
• Unlimited languages for all crew nationalities.
• Bring Your Own Device (BYOD). Available news for laptop, smartphone, crew pc.
Create your Company News Feed
• New vessel arrivals
• Promotions on board
• Upcoming training opportunities
• Company messages and wishes
• Health and Safety Rules
With over 1.000.000 articles delivered to over 600+ vessels on a daily base
  • 14.000 Seafarers receiving
    Evo RSS News today
  • in
  • 20+ Languages

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