TMS Cardiff Gas chooses Marpoint’s Class Approved Evo2 Router for their fleet

TMS Cardiff Gas, a renowned leader in LNG transportation services, is dedicated to delivering exceptional marine transportation solutions while prioritizing safety, quality, and environmental sustainability.

TMS Cardiff Gas has partnered with Marpoint to significantly enhance their fleet’s network management capabilities and crew connectivity. Marpoint’s Evo2 platform forms the core of the solution, offering a multi-layered defense against cyber threats.

The Evo2 router’s enterprise-grade firewall and secure VPN interconnection safeguard network security, while customizable firewall rules and advanced monitoring further minimize vulnerabilities. This robust defense-in-depth approach ensures compliance with the latest IMO 2021 regulations. Additionally, the Evo2 platform enables a new level of secure remote access to ship systems, empowering shoreside IT personnel to diagnose and resolve issues efficiently.

Furthermore, the partnership equips TMS Cardiff Gas with a cost-effective and reliable near-shore communication solution. Marpoint’s innovative Outdoor 4G Router, boasting IP68 waterproof and heavy-duty construction, provides a seamless connection in diverse maritime environments. Coupled with Marpoint’s Global SIM, the 4G router offers data access in over 100 countries, significantly reducing overall communication costs. This near-shore solution also functions as a reliable backup to existing satellite communications, ensuring uninterrupted connectivity for critical operations and crew well-being.


TMS Cardiff Gas, a leading LNG shipping company, sought a comprehensive solution to enhance their fleet’s network management, security, and crew connectivity. Their specific needs included:

  • Independent Network Management: TMS Cardiff Gas required a solution independent of existing satellite providers, offering greater control and flexibility.
  • Hardware Redundancy and Security: The solution needed to address the growing fleet of LNG carriers, ensuring hardware redundancy and robust cyber security measures compliant with IMO 2021 regulations and approved by a leading Classification Society.
  • Multi-Stage Network Segmentation: To optimize security and control, the ideal solution would enable the segmentation of onboard IT infrastructure into separate local networks.
  • Centralized Management and Policy Enforcement: The IT department needed a platform to streamline network configuration across the entire fleet, ensuring adherence to company policies.
  • Reliable Near-Shore Connectivity: A reliable and cost-effective near-shore communication option was necessary to complement existing satellite communications.


Enhanced Network Security :

  • Evo2 Router: Marpoint’s Evo2 Router serves as the cornerstone of the solution, featuring an enterprise-grade firewall and secure VPN interconnection for robust network protection.
  • Customizable Firewall Rules: Marpoint engineers worked with TMS Cardiff Gas to establish custom firewall rules tailored to their specific needs. These rules control allowed web content, minimizing cyber threats and optimizing bandwidth usage.
  • Alerting and Web Filtering: An advanced alerting and web filtering service provides real-time insights into network activity and further minimizes cyber security risks.

Optimized Connectivity and Cost Management:

  • Outdoor 4G Router and Global SIM: Marpoint’s innovative Outdoor IP68 waterproof and heavy-duty 4G Router provides a reliable near-shore connection. Coupled with Marpoint’s Global SIM, TMS Cardiff Gas benefits from cost-effective data access in over 100 countries globally.
  • Near-Shore Backup: The 4G solution offers a reliable near-shore backup to existing satellite communications, ensuring continued connectivity even in case of disruptions.


By partnering with Marpoint, TMS Cardiff Gas has achieved significant improvements in their fleet’s network management and crew well-being:

  • Enhanced Security: The Evo2 Router’s advanced security features and custom firewall rules create a robust defense against cyber threats, adhering to IMO 2021 regulations.
  • Improved Operational Efficiency: Centralized network management and policy enforcement streamline operations for the IT department.
  • Cost-Effective Connectivity: The Marpoint Global SIM and 4G router solution optimizes communication costs while providing reliable near-shore connectivity.
  • Seafarer Well-being: Improved internet access enhances crew well-being and morale by facilitating communication with loved ones and access to entertainment options.

TMS Cardiff Gas’ successful implementation of Marpoint’s solutions demonstrates the importance of a comprehensive approach to maritime network management and crew connectivity. With enhanced security, streamlined operations, and cost-effective communication, TMS Cardiff Gas is well-positioned for continued success in the competitive LNG shipping industry.

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