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For commercial vessels travelling near coastlines or leisure yachts and sailboats

Extend your connectivity

Up to 20 miles off shore

Εxtend the maritime connectivity of your commercial vessels

The Evo2 Dual 4G Router is MarPoint’s latest innovation for high speed internet at sea with extensive coverage up to 20 miles offshore.



The yacht HIGH SPEED Internet

Up to 20 miles off shore

Suitable for Leisure Yachts and Sailboats travelling near coastlines

The Evo2 Dual 4G Router is MarPoint’s latest innovation for high speed internet at sea with extensive coverage up to 20 miles offshore.

It is recommended for use in any type of yacht or fishing vessel especially on remote locations where high speed internet is required. Furthermore, it can be used as a reliable data communication backup solution for commercial vessels when satellite communication is not available.

Router has two external SIM slots, thus offering the ability to insert two SIM cards from different or same provider as well as the ability to control other WAN interfaces (i.e VSAT FBB etc) and get double bandwidth and extended connectivity/coverage. Ability to manage any WAN interface or satellite provider (VSAT, FBB) is of course an option.





Typical vessel network

Create Crew internet hotspot cards, allowing the office to share the FBB or VSAT monthly data package allowance of each vessel with the crew members

Our Netmeter software allows counting the data used per vessel and per getaway. 

Graphic User Interface (GUI) that can be installed on any computer running Windows

Feature List

Dual 3G/4G

Dual 3G/4G capability with auto failover.

Connection with Outdoor 3G/4G

Connection with Outdoor 3G/4G.

High coverage

20 miles off shore 3G/4G coverage.

Hybrid QoS

Automatic bandwith stabilization between CIR and MIR based on network quality features.

Windows-based User Interface

Windows application for manual override (i.e. block crew network, switch WAN interface with a click of a button).


Bring your own device. Seafarers can access data services using their own smartphone, tablet or laptop.

Technical information

Dual 4G Mini Marine Dual Router 4G


Available accessories

  • Windows application for manual override
  • Web-based bandwidth consumption tool
  • Web Filtering tool
  • Connect Long Range Wi-Fi hotspots
  • Connect External Marine Type 3G/4G Antennas

Technical specification

  • 88 – 264 Volt AC
  • 47 – 63 Hz
  • 1.3A typ./115 VAC
  • 0.8A typ./230 VAC

Hardware dimensions

FleetBroadband (FBB), VSAT, 3G/4G, Firewall, Wi-Fi, Crew Hotspot, Crew Calling and Network Solution.

GlobalSim Data only Roaming Card offers coverage in 105+ countries and unlimited Data packages