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Maritime Cloud Computing Services

Accelerate your company’s digital transformation by building solid Back-Up infrastructure and Disaster Recovery Strategy via the AWS Cloud Services

Why migrate to the cloud?

Moving to the cloud will have a fundamental impact not only on IT but across your entire organization. It will revolutionize the way you operate, as well as interact with and provide services to shipping company’s stakeholders. 

• Organizations can benefit from the scalability, responsiveness, and cost efficiencies that Cloud Computing offers

• Shipping companies can access the cloud through any
system, place, date, or time

• IT Managers are free to access any solution they need.
To use what they want when they want

•Savings on the high cost of ownership and maintenance
of your own IT infrastructure

• The IT Departments will increase their productivity, improving at the same time their Shipping company’s data and information security, protection, and privacy

What is disaster recovery as a service?

Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) refers to the backup of your company’s data onto off-site cloud servers. In practice, if a disaster strikes your business and damages your IT systems, all of your data can be recovered.

Why it’s necessary?

Disasters will happen

Whether it’s a natural event like a flood or a cyberattack that destroys your network, your organization is not immune. Further to IMO 2021 Cyber Risk Management regulation, Shipping companies are encouraged to have a disaster recovery system in place.

DRaaS should just be one part of a larger disaster recovery plan, but it’s vital for accessing backups of company data in times of crisis.

Cloud Disaster Recovery Plan

Our Marpoint comprehensive Cloud DR migration strategy involves working with you to provide a robust cloud migration assessment of your applications and dependencies before delivering your migration solution.

AWS & Marpoint customized
Backup & Disaster Recovery solutions

Marpoint’s partnering with AWS enables our customers to build and deploy a flexible and scalable backup infrastructure that protects all data types, including object, block, and file. Further to data protection, organisations can leverage the AWS cloud services to create enterprise-grade DR at a dramatically lower cost than was previously possible.



Additional storage space and features whenever you need them


Data Security and Data Encryption
Integrity of your data via AWS cryptographic services


Improved collaboration
AWS & Marpoint professional customized services/ technical expertise


Business Continuity Plan
We address critical business functions/critical processes recovery/training of the business continuity team

Side by side operation with existing systems & flows

Marpoint is ISO 27001:2013

We protect your information in terms of confidentiality, integrity and availability


No need for a backup plan
Availability of data from any location worldwide


A wide range of options
AWS Ecosystem services and functionality are endless


Reduced costs
Pay only for the services you need, no additional or termination fees


Easy Migration Process
Migrate and benefit from substantial IT cost savings, business agility and operational resilience


AWS is Certified
3rd validation for thousands of global compliance requirements