Maritime Connectivity:
Beyond the boundaries of traditional Satellite Communications

Innovative technologies based on new generation Low Earth Orbit (LEO) satellites are revolutionizing the Maritime industry’s approach on crew welfare, telemedicine, sensor and performance monitoring, surveillance, safety, and environmental compliance.

Learn how to choose the right solution for your vessel in our upcoming webinar.

Wednesday, 29 November 2023, 12:00 PM (UTC +2).
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Meet the Speakers

Dimitris Pavlidis
Fleet IT Manager,

Christos Vythopoulos
Head of Operations, MarPoint

Dr. Michalis Michaloliakos 
Head of ICT, TMS Group

What will you learn?

Key Factors for Choosing the Right Satellite Communication Systems for Maritime Applications

Optimize maritime connectivity with the right Satcoms and network management solutions, like the Evo2 Router, for seamless operations and crew welfare.

Choosing the Right Maritime Vessel Network Management Solution and Managing a  Multi-Wan Network

Tackle the complexities of maritime multi-WAN management with the Evo2 Router. Simplify network management, enhance connectivity, and ensure seamless operations.

Surviving without Traditional VSAT onboard: A Pioneering Case Study of the Hybrid Approach

Embracing the transformative potential of LEO Satellites, TMS Group embarked on a strategic journey to adopt a hybrid network, by integrating the strengths of satellite and cellular connectivity.

About the Webinar

Maritime Connectivity:
Beyond the boundaries of traditional Satellite Communications

Join us for a comprehensive exploration of maritime connectivity, venturing beyond the limitations of traditional satellite communications.

Discover the transformative potential of Starlink constellations and gain expert insights into selecting the right Satcoms onboard. Navigate the complexities of multi-WAN network management and learn how
to excel in maritime operations by utilizing Starlink as the primary gateway while leveraging VSAT as a supplemental backup solution.

PART A - Savvas Delis: Head of Sales, MarPoint

What are the biggest challenges that Maritime VSat technology faces nowadays?

How has the Starlink service shaken up the maritime satellite communications world and made people think differently?

Optimizing Maritime Satellite Communications

Selecting the right satellite communication (Satcoms) solution is crucial for maritime operations. Consider factors like cost, coverage, bandwidth, latency, reliability, security, and business and crew welfare strategies. Implement a robust multi-WAN network management solution for seamless connectivity.

Optimizing Maritime Network Management

Navigating through the complexities of maritime multi-WAN networks requires a comprehensive network management solution. Consider factors like hardware requirements, installation and configuration, and compatibility with Evo2 routers. Implement a robust network management system to ensure seamless connectivity, optimize bandwidth usage, and enhance overall network performance.

Thriving in Maritime Operations with Starlink as Primary Gateway

In this real-world case study, Dr. Michaloliakos demonstrates how TMS Group adeptly implemented a cutting-edge multi-WAN network environment by establishing Starlink as the primary gateway, utilizing VSAT as a supporting backup solution primarily in regions where Starlink geo-restrictions are in effect, achieving exceptional outcomes. TMS Group’s accomplishment underscores the potential for other ship operators to replicate their success and optimize their maritime communication infrastructure.

Maritime Connectivity: Beyond the boundaries of traditional Satellite Communications

Wednesday, 29 November 2023, 12:00 PM (UTC +2)