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2022 was a year of progress and innovation for the maritime industry. At MarPoint, we are dedicated to providing exceptional solutions to ensure safety, business continuity, and operational efficiency.

We are excited to share some of our top highlights with you, stay tuned for updates on our latest developments and how we are helping our clients stay ahead of the curve in the ever-changing maritime landscape.

Posidonia 2022

Posidonia is back! After 4 years, the maritime event has reassembled to bring professionals from all over the world together. MarPoint had a strong presence, welcoming thousands of professionals from Greece and beyond.

Mikrotik trained by the trainer

Marpoint’s employees achieve MikroTik MTCNA certification through in-house training program. The initiative was offered to a group of employees with high networking skills as part of Marpoint’s HRD program. A challenging but rewarding experience for all.

Marpoint launched its new website in May

Exciting launch of our new corporate website in May! With easy-to-use interface, providing seamless and enjoyable experience. Designed to meet the needs of visitors, making it easy to navigate and find information about our products and activities.

Evo News
Christmas Campaign

Another year, another heartwarming Christmas video from Evo News. Showing appreciation for hardworking crew members with a festive video and new games. Crew members were able to access the video and messages from the ship owners via Evo News on their mobile devices, even offline.




In 2022, Evo Router and Uni Virtualization Solution exceeded 3000 installations hitting a new milestone.


Good Ratings, Customer Satisfaction Report based on our ticket responses


of the tickets replied in less than 12 hours and based on the agreed SLAs


of our employees were offered professional certifications


of the tickets were resolved immediately with only one reply


new Features, Improvements, and Changes on the Platform

more to come in 2023

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