2nd forum Odyssey to Sustainability

MarPoint participated earlier this month in the Angelakos (Hellas) S.A. annual Seafarers Forum held in Manila.
During the event, we had the opportunity to analyze the Technological Developments in Shipping: The Role of Maritime IT.

The forum was attended by a fantastic audience, who were keen to learn about the promising trends and innovations in the maritime shipping industry.

MarPoint summarized these trends as:

  • Fast satellite communications onboard ships.
  • 5G onboard ships, green technology.
  • Sensor technology and performance monitoring.

However, MarPoint also highlighted the challenges that arise from these technological developments:

  • Are companies prepared for the interconnection of legacy systems?
  • Is the technical infrastructure capable of handling digital risks and threats originating from anywhere in the world?
  • Have protection mechanisms been implemented that can detect cyber intrusions and act accordingly?

To address these challenges, MarPoint emphasized the need for a solid ship IT infrastructure. Such an infrastructure would enable companies to:

  • Effectively manage the new technologies
  • Provide a friendly environment to the end-user for the central management of all new technologies
  • Apply best Cyber Security practices in order to make sure that all new technologies are properly applied onboard the ship and in accordance with the international regulations on Cyber Risk Management.

We would like to thank the Management and IT Department for Angelakos (Hellas) S.A. for this opportunity and we will remain at their disposal for such great initiatives!

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