Evo News Christmas Video Campaign

EvoNews once again spread festive cheer and expressed gratitude to the dedicated crew members with the release of an emotionally engaging Christmas video. The initiative aimed to bring joy and recognition to hardworking seafarers during the holiday season.

EvoNews remains firmly committed to enhancing the welfare and well-being of seafarers, and they took pride in bringing a touch of holiday cheer to them through this special video.

The video showcased heartfelt messages and warm wishes from the shipping company’s leadership, accompanied by a personal message from the ship owners to their crew members.

More than 100 shipping companies worldwide shared the video with their seafarers across their fleets, allowing them to watch it on their mobile phones and tablets, even without an internet connection!

The video was created as part of EvoNews’ ongoing commitment to crew welfare, which encompasses providing support and resources to promote the physical and mental well-being of crew members.

At Marpoint, we hope this video brought smiles to the faces of all shipping companies’ crew and instilled a sense of connection and appreciation, regardless of their location in the world.

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