ICT Support, behind the scenes

Marpoint - ICT Support, behind the scenes

We don’t just solve problems, we care about these people and we just want them to be happy.Nikos Kottis – Marpoint ICT Support

How important is the support of your fleet’s communication systems?
Personally, I consider it to be the second most important after a vessel’s engine. That’s why I take my job seriously.
Imagine suddenly that the email or the phone of a vessel stops working and you are stranded in the middle ocean.

What would be the first thing that you think of? It would be to call the support of your satellite provider.
On the other end of the line, is a person that not only will do its best to fix the problem but is also trying to understand you.

But what is needed to be able to offer this kind of support?
Strong technical skills is non-negotiable, but another aspect is the strong will that is needed to able to keep up under pressure.

Through years of experience, you manage to understand each and every problem, foresee how to troubleshoot it and be led to the solution in the fastest way.

Experience is key, but knowledge is power. So it is important to know inside out all the different antenna types and communication systems, but also be up to date with newly released products.

Would all the above be enough thought, if you did not have the skills to pass them through to the person onboard? If you cannot walk them through the way to the solution step by step and simultaneously keep calm and always be polite no matter if the person in the other line does not quite understand what you are explaining himy?

The answer is no.

Every one of my colleagues knows that we might end up talking for hours on the phone, even stay up late until the problem is solved and the communication system of the ship is fully restored. Having said that we are all willing to do it because it is part of our job to make sure the vessel has active communications.

We have the responsibility of all crew on board, so they can be able to do their work, keep in touch with their family and friends and maybe in their free time surf the internet, so they can forget for a second that they are surrounded in nothing else but the sea.

We don’t just solve problems, we care about these people and we just want them to be happy.

That’s why we love our job.

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