Introducing Plotter WAN Status Monitor

Plotter WAN Status Monitor

We’re excited to announce the release of the Plotter WAN Status Monitor on our Control Panel! This new feature brings centralized monitoring and enhanced awareness of your vessel’s WAN connectivity.

What is Plotter?

Plotter is the mechanism we designed to evaluate all WAN connectivity statuses onboard your vessel. This includes your primary WAN (like Starlink or 5G) as well as secondary connections (VSAT, FBB, Iridium). Based on its results, we trigger SD-WAN failover load-balancing actions seamlessly, all conveniently displayed on the control panel for centralized monitoring.

Why is this feature important?

With the growing adoption of advanced technologies like Starlink and 5G, maintaining reliable connectivity requires vigilance beyond your primary WAN. Monitoring secondary WANs like VSAT, FBB, or Iridium is more critical than ever. Being aware of their performance ensures operational continuity.

Plotter provides a centralized view of all your WANs, allowing you to:

  • Receive alerts on issues with secondary and tertiary WANs, even if your primary is functioning.
  • Proactively address potential connectivity disruptions before they impact your operations.

No more blind spots! Plotter ensures you’re always aware of the status of all your vessel’s WANs, keeping you connected and in control.

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