MarPoint at Digital Ship Athens 2023

Marpoint at Digital Ship Athens 2023

MarPoint participated in the Digital Ship Athens 2023 event, which was attended by industry experts and professionals. The event provided an excellent platform for MarPoint to showcase its latest technological advancements and innovative solutions in the field of maritime connectivity and network management.

During the event, MarPoint representatives shared their excitement and knowledge about the latest developments in maritime connectivity, with a particular focus on the new Low Earth Orbit (LEO) satellite connectivity, such as Starlink. Participants were impressed with MarPoint’s expertise and asked many questions about the company’s solutions and how they could benefit the maritime industry.

As a company that specializes in managing multiple networks, MarPoint understands the importance of cybersecurity in the maritime industry. With the rise of digitalization and the increasing use of connected technologies in the industry, cybersecurity has become a top priority for many ship owners and operators.

MarPoint’s experience in managing multiple networks and ensuring cybersecurity has been invaluable in helping clients to navigate the complexities of the digital age. The company’s solutions are designed to provide reliable and secure connectivity, even in the most challenging environments.

Overall, MarPoint’s participation in the Digital Ship Athens 2023 event was a great success. The company’s representatives were able to share their knowledge and expertise with industry experts and professionals and demonstrate their commitment to providing innovative solutions to the maritime industry.

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