MarPoint at ShipIT 2023

MarPoint proudly joined the prestigious ShipIT Conference 2023 for yet another year, eagerly observing and engaging with the latest developments in the industry. This esteemed event united 180 participants and featured 32 expert speakers, dissecting the profound influence of digital technologies on the maritime sector.

The conference delved into vital aspects of maritime digitalization and cybersecurity, uncovering best practices for real-time data utilization, strategies for digital equilibrium, and the significance of digitalization in operations and decarbonization. The event underlined cybersecurity’s significance, offering practical insights into mitigating cyber risks for ship and port owners and managers. It also showcased innovative technologies enhancing maritime efficiency, performance, decarbonization, and economic competitiveness.

The 9th ShipIT Conference encompassed diverse topics such as digital transformation, IoT, AI, machine learning, automation for vessel optimization, and data-driven efficiency for decarbonization, addressing the role of connectivity in digital operations. The conference explored evolving maritime business models, cybersecurity, and the future of maritime cyber safety.

Attendees seized the opportunity to meet disruptors in maritime digitalization and decarbonization, gaining insights into the industry’s future. The event served as a platform for assessing the reception of maritime digitalization ideas within the shipping community, bridging the gap between technological advancements and business performance in the maritime sector. The ShipIT Conference 2023 continued its legacy of nurturing innovation and collaboration within the maritime industry.

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