MarPoint at SMN Conference Athens 2023

MarPoint at Smart Maritime Network Athens Conference 2023

MarPoint proudly sponsored the Smart Maritime Network Athens Conference, further underscoring their commitment to advancing the maritime industry. The conference, which covered some rockstar sessions on topics such as eBLs as well as the all pervasive and integral discussion around sustainability and decarbonisation, and the future direction of the industry, provided an ideal platform for MarPoint to present its cutting-edge technological advancements and pioneering solutions in the realm of maritime connectivity and network management.

During the conference, MarPoint showcased their expertise in maritime connectivity, particularly focusing on the new Low Earth Orbit (LEO) satellite connectivity like Starlink. They also demonstrated the competitive advantages of their innovative asset management tool via the EVO2 Router platform. This highlighted the added-value benefits of MarPoint’s new UNI Virtualization solution, reaffirming their leadership in delivering cutting-edge technologies to the maritime sector. Attendees were impressed by MarPoint’s practical applications and tangible benefits, generating significant interest and inquiries about implementing these transformative tools.

MarPoint understands the importance of cybersecurity in the maritime sector. With increasing digitization and connected technologies, safeguarding against digital threats is critical. Their extensive experience in managing diverse networks and implementing robust cybersecurity measures positions them as trusted advisors, providing reliable and secure connectivity solutions for challenging maritime environments.

The conference provided an ideal platform for MarPoint to engage with industry experts and professionals, demonstrating their leadership and dedication in shaping the future of maritime connectivity.

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